Light Machine Gun was a revolutionary music group which contributed to the Second Chimurenga. The group was set up by the late Vice President Joshua Nkomo to sing revolutionary songs and produced hit songs Kubuhlungu and Yithi Laba. The group was made the official Zipra Choir in Zambia in 1978 and encouraged freedom fighters.[1]




The group was the brains of Give Nare who consulted with his fellows cadres in the struggle, Rose Madongo, Meteabo Sebata and Tsepile Ndebele and they formed the choir called Light Machine Gun after he had left Radio ZAPU Choir under the leadership of Sifelani Maqethuka Dube.[3]

Choir Members


LMG Choir - sijabule namhlanje

LMG - Ngatitendei

Vana Vakatiza LMG Choir

Emoyeni (LMG Choir)

LMG -Siyabonga

Marginalisation after Independence

In February 2015, the Group complained that they were being sidelined from state functions and said that after Independence in 1980, they had been totally ignored. The also highlighted the fact that their counterpart Cde Chinx who performed the same role as they did was ever present at state functions and was widely celebrated. Said Happiness Moyo:

I’m not happy with the way we’re treated as revolutionary composers of struggle songs. In Zambia, LMG was doing the same as Chinx who was in Mozambique.

But when it comes to these state functions, we’re no longer recognised while we’re the pioneers of this music. If I keep quiet I’ll be contributing to the death of our history.

Since 1980, when we came back from the war, we’ve never been called to the President’s birthday celebrations, but Cde Chinx is always there. We’re the spinal cord of Chimurenga just like Chinx.[4]


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