Matthew Boka
Matthew Boka Biography
Known forBeing Roger Boka's son
  • Roger Boka (father)
  • Ellen Boka (mother)
RelativesRudo Boka, Martin Boka, Charles Boka, Chido Boka, Samantha Boka, and Beverly Boka.

Matthew Boka is a Zimbabwean businessman and the son of the late business tycoon Roger Boka. He is the executive chairperson of Boka Tobacco Floors.


Matthew Boka is a close associate of Frank Buyanga.


Matthew Boka has six siblings;


Matthew Boka is the director of Boka Investments. In October 2020, The Herald reported that Boka Investments had started developing a gold mine in Bindura.[2]

Rolls Royce

In August 2021, Matthew Boka was reported to be the owner of the Rolls-Royce which went viral on social media after President Emmerson Mnangagwa's son Sean was photographed in it. His confirmation added to the controversy around the luxury vehicle rather than clarify who really owned it at a time people around the First Family insisted the car was bought by gold dealer Pedzai Sakupwanya, commonly known as Scott Sakupwanya.

Boka imported the car for personal use from the United Kingdom. Sakupwanya later bought the car, paying an initial deposit of US$140 000 and pledging to pay an additional US$135 000 to fully own the car.

It also emerged that Sean also expressed his interest in buying the car, went on to view it and then took pictures which went viral. The report stated that the pictures had compromised Sean's interest in the car after a public outcry.

When questioned by the publication about the car, Matthew said he owned it. On whether he sold the car to Sean, he said:

"It’s my car. It’s not on sale. Sean came the other day to the auction floors on other business which had nothing to do with the car, but he saw the car and liked it. He asked if he could view it and take pictures, just like any person who would have seen something nice. It’s not his and I don’t want to talk too much about this issue because I am a private person. I don’t talk much to the media and this is not even a big issue."


Shares Lawsuit

In 2015, Frank Buyanga's Zimcor Trustees Limited and Boka Investments (Private) Limited won in a property and share wrangle that had seen them being dragged to court by a UK-based tycoon.

The two companies and Matthew Boka had filed an appeal with the Supreme Court, challenging a High Court decision which had reversed the transfer of shares and the sale of a property initially owned by Rasar Investments (Private) Limited (Rasar Investments).

The respondent in the matter was Webster Rushesha, who had filed a High Court application on behalf of his two minor children, who were registered as Rasar Investments shareholders.

According to court papers, Rushesha bought a stand in Mount Pleasant before he left for the UK. Rushesha told the court he asked his brother-in-law Alexio Dera to set up a company called Rasar Investments. The property was then registered in the name of Rasar Investments as its only asset.

According to court papers, the directors of the company were Rushesha, his wife, and Dera, while the registered shareholders were Rushesha’s minor children.

The court heard that when Rushesha left for the UK, the property was leased to the South African embassy and the rentals were being paid directly into his bank account.

In February 2009, the court heard Dera concluded an agreement for the sale of shares in Rasar Investments to Zimcor, represented by its director, Buyanga.

The court heard that the directors of Zimcor then replaced the previous directors of Rasar Investments.

Subsequently, the new directors of Rasar Investments sold the property to Boka Investments, which was represented by its director Boka.

After a year, the court heard, Rushesha issued summons in the High Court, seeking to reclaim shares in Rasar Investments and the property.

He claimed that the sale of shares to Zimcor was a fraudulent sham orchestrated by Dera, adding that the subsequent sale of the property was invalid.

Even though the High Court found out that the agreement of sale was a disguised transaction to secure a loan advanced to Dera by Zimcor and Buyanga, the Supreme Court found out that the claims could not be substantiated.

The High Court had invalidated the sale, reinstating the previous directors of Rasar Investments in the process.

However, Supreme Court judges Luke Malaba, Paddington Garwe and Bharat Patel unanimously agreed that the appointment of Rushesha’s two minor children as directors was “patently unlawful”.

The court said given their age, the children could not have been the ones who appended signatures as company shareholders.

The court also found out that Rushesha had failed to satisfactorily explain some of the discrepancies surrounding the case.

The Supreme Court said the High Court blundered in upholding Rushesha’s claim and invalidating the sale and transfer of shares to Zimcor and the subsequent sale of the property to Boka Investments.[4]


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