Meikles Limited

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Meikles Hotel In Harare

Meikles Limited is a Zimbabwean registered Company originally founded in 1892. It was listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange and normally employs about 7,000 personnel. Meikles Limited principal activities in the country are diverse: agricultural primary and finished products, premiere hotels and retail trading, including leading brand name department stores and supermarkets. Meikles Limited has also entered the Zimbabwean mining economy through its new partnership with CENTAR Ltd.[1]

Company Profile

The operating businesses of Meikles Limited together formed one of the leading retail and hotel groups in Zimbabwe comprising TM Supermarkets which is one of the country's largest supermarket chains; Meikles Hotels, which is Zimbabwe's premier corporate, five star hotel group; and Thomas Meikle Stores, trading under the names of Meikles, Barbours and Greatermans.[2]

Meikles Hotel

The Meikles Hotel located on the heart of Harare is one of the elegant five star hotels in the country. It has facilities for business conferences, leisure, entertainment and public meetings. The hotel has 312 rooms including 130 deluxe and several sublime suites.[3]

Victoria Falls Hotel

The Victoria Falls Hotel, popularly known as “the grand old lady of the Falls”, is situated in the Victoria Falls National Park, a world heritage site, and is a member of the exclusive Leading Hotels of the World group. It is one of only three 1S0-accredited hotels in Zimbabwe.[3]

Meikles Stores and Supermarkets

The first Meikles Store in the then Rhodesia was opened in Fort Victoria (Masvingo) in 1892. Thomas Meikle was the man behind the launch of the chain store. The Thomas Meikle Stores group currently comprises eight department stores: Barbours, Greatermans and Meikles Department stores in Harare’s busy Central Business District, including the specialized Hardware outlet in Orr Street; a Barbours Store in Sam Levy’s Village, Borrowdale, and Meikles Department Stores in Bulawayo, Gweru, Mutare and Masvingo.[4]

The Stores offer a selection of electronic and household appliances, ladies’ and men’s fashions, stylish clothes for boys’ and girls, furniture to suit every taste, kitchenware, luggage and travel accessories, a wide range of shoes and footwear, baby and toddler gear , toys, and other family ‘goodies’. Hardware is now a key department in all Meikles stores, offering an excellent range of quality products.[4]

TM Supermarkets is part of the retail arm of Meikles Limited, a listed concern on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange. Since its inception in March 1978, TM Supermarket has grown and currently comprises of a branch network of 50 stores country wide. The store formats range from convenient small supermarkets to Hypermarkets, with Borrowdale’ and Hyper in Harare and Bulawayo respectively, being the biggest branches.[4]

Tanganda Tea Company

Tanganda Tea Company Limited is the largest producer, packer and distributor of tea products in Zimbabwe. The Group is incorporated in Zimbabwe and formerly listed on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange.[5]

Suspension from Zimbabwe Stock Exchange

In 2015, the company was suspended from trading on the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange over allegations that the company had overstated the debt that it was was owed by the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.[6] The company was said to have claimed that it was owed $90 million by the central bank which is said to have been incorrect.


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