Mike Chimombe
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RelativesPhillip Chiyangwa

Mike Chimombe is a Zimbabwean legal practitioner, businessman, and socialite. Chimombe is the nephew of Phillip Chiyangwa. In 2016 Chimombe was the President of the Affirmative Action Group for Mashonaland West Chapter. [1]


Chimombe is married and lives in Chinhoyi. Chimombe attended Nemakonde High School. Chimombe, who also happens to be the Affirmative Action Group’s president for Mashonaland West Chapter, is not shy of flaunting his wealth when the opportunity presents itself. Chimombe is Enzo Ishall’s erstwhile benefactor.


He holds a Bachelor's Degree, Law, from the University of Lesotho and a Masters degree, Women's Law from the University of Zimbabwe.


Chimombe, who is the Zanu PF national youth league indigenisation and empowerment secretary, said he took heed of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s call for various stakeholders to pool resources together in tackling the Coronavirus pandemic.[2]

He worked as a Public Prosecutor with the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs from 2004 to 2007. He is a Legal Officer at the Attorney General's office from 2007.

Business Interests

Chimombe is believed to be a loan shark hiding within the structures of the ruling acolytes as he has taken peoples’ properties to the extent that several of his victims have suffered quietly because of fear and death threats. Chimombe is also often accused of having a nick of grabbing properties belonging to most of his loan sharking victims to the extent that some remain holed outside the country fearing retribution if they ever set back their foot in the country.

These ruling party linked cartels where Chimombe is one of the tycoons, are also beneficiaries of fuel and other illicit deals where they use their spoils from their equally illicit proceeds to the loan sharking business.[3]

Social Responsibility

Chimombe sponsored the Zimbabwe Republic Police Central Investigations Department sports gala at Chinhoyi University of Technology in July 2016 which was overally won by Harare Region. The tournament’s main sponsor, Mike Chimombe, who is the Affirmative Action Group president for the Mashonaland West Chapter, said he was happy with the level of competition and urged other businessmen and companies to help bankroll tournaments of this nature since they help in the fight against crime.[4]

All Black Party

On 30 August 2018, Mad Sunday was a bit special as it played host to Mike Chimombe’s All-Black Party at Club Sankayi, with Judgement Yard doing a live recording for a new mixtape on the night. Meanwhile, with the birthday boy being a prominent lawyer, businessman and also a popular figure on the capital’s social scene, his party was set to be characterised by glitz and glam.[5]

Chimombe, who also happened to be the Affirmative Action Group’s president for Mashonaland West Province Chapter, is not shy of flaunting his wealth when the opportunity presents itself and many socialites braced for the champagne showers come the day of the birthday. With circle of friends that includes Genius Kadungure (also known as Ginimbi), Albert Ndabambi, Tazvi "Chief J" Mhaka and the Power Circle who are all among some of the biggest spenders in Harare, one could only imagine the extravagance characteristic of the guest list.

Speaking to The Sunday Mail Society, Judgement Yard’s DJ Flevah said the Mad Sunday on 30 August 2018 was an explosive affair which was not to be missed. “Many people are familiar with Ginimbi’s all-white parties and this time around Mike has decided to go with the all-black theme, but what I can assure you is that the vibe will still be the same,” he said. “These guys throw some of the best parties in the country and this one will be no different and will probably even be better than previous ones.”

The birthday party was characterised by glitz and glam which saw him wash his hands using $300 worth of champagne. The then Youths, Sports, Arts and Recreation Minister Kazembe Kazembe graced the event as the guest of honour.

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Ginimbi hosted another huge party for Mike Chimombe at Domboshava.


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