Mike Chimombe
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Spouse(s)Michelle Chimombe
RelativesPhillip Chiyangwa

Mike Chimombe is a Zimbabwean legal practitioner, businessman, and socialite. Chimombe is the nephew of Phillip Chiyangwa. In 2016 Chimombe was the President of the Affirmative Action Group for Mashonaland West Chapter. [1]

In May 2021, Chimombe was criticised for visiting President Mnangagwa dressed casually in jeans and other items of clothing. He apologised, saying that "the meeting was given a green light unexpectedly and I could not get time to rush home and change into formal wear."[2]

On 28 March 2022, Mike Chimombe was relieved of his post as Affirmative Action Group (AAG) president.


Chimombe is married and lives in Chinhoyi.

Chimombe, who also happens to be the Affirmative Action Group’s president for Mashonaland West Chapter, is not shy of flaunting his wealth when the opportunity presents itself. Chimombe is Enzo Ishall’s erstwhile benefactor.


Mike Chimombe and his wife's sister Panashe Rusero have a son together.[3]

Impregnating Wife's Sister

Mike Chimombe impregnated his wife's sister. The sister's name is Panashe Rusero. A family member who spoke to H-Metro said Mike started living with Mitchell (his wife) when Panashe was still in Form 2-3, that is in 2009-2010. When Panashe was in Lower 6 she would go and stay at her elder sister’s house. When she was now staying with them, Chimombe would go to clubs at night with Panashe and that is when family members started noticing that something was happening between the two of them.

Chimombe reportedly once attempted to marry Panashe but the uncle he approached would not have it and he was chased away. When reached for comment, Mike Chimombe said that it was none of the press’ business as it was his personal life. Mitchell, Chimombe’s wife could neither deny nor confirm the story and directed H-Metro to speak to Panashe and Mike Chimombe. On the other hand Panashe did not answer when the publication contacted her for a comment.[4]


Chimombe attended Nemakonde High School. He holds a Bachelor's Degree, Law, from the University of Lesotho and a Masters degree, Women's Law from the University of Zimbabwe.


Chimombe, who is a former Zanu PF national youth league indigenisation and empowerment secretary, said he took heed of President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s call for various stakeholders to pool resources together in tackling the Coronavirus pandemic.[5]

He worked as a Public Prosecutor with the Ministry of Justice, Legal and Parliamentary Affairs from 2004 to 2007. He is a Legal Officer at the Attorney General's office from 2007.

Economic Empowerment Group

After being relieved of his post as Affirmative Action Group (AAG) president in March 2022, Mike Chimombe formed the Economic Empowerment Group (EEG). The EEG's founding members were Vice President Munyaradzi Kashambe and Secretary-General Clifford Hlupeko.[6]

Business Interests

Chimombe is believed to be a loan shark hiding within the structures of the ruling acolytes as he has taken peoples’ properties to the extent that several of his victims have suffered quietly because of fear and death threats. Chimombe is also often accused of having a nick of grabbing properties belonging to most of his loan sharking victims to the extent that some remain holed outside the country fearing retribution if they ever set back their foot in the country.

These ruling party linked cartels where Chimombe is one of the tycoons, are also beneficiaries of fuel and other illicit deals where they use their spoils from their equally illicit proceeds to the loan sharking business.[7]

Social Responsibility

Chimombe sponsored the Zimbabwe Republic Police Central Investigations Department sports gala at Chinhoyi University of Technology in July 2016 which was overally won by Harare Region. The tournament’s main sponsor, Mike Chimombe, who is the Affirmative Action Group president for the Mashonaland West Chapter, said he was happy with the level of competition and urged other businessmen and companies to help bankroll tournaments of this nature since they help in the fight against crime.[8]

All Black Party

On 30 August 2018, Mad Sunday played host to Mike Chimombe’s All-Black Party at Club Sankayi, with Judgement Yard doing a live recording for a new mixtape on the night.[9]

Chimombe washed his hands using $300 worth of champagne. The then Youths, Sports, Arts and Recreation Minister Kazembe Kazembe graced the event as the guest of honour.

Arrest For Breaching Covid-19 Regulations

In September 2021, Mike Chimombe was arrested after hosting a house party in breach of Covid-19 regulations.

Police said Chimombe hosted 300 friends at an address on Stonechat Lane in Borrowdale from 9PM until about 3:30AM the next morning.

In a statement, police said Chimombe was arrested together with two other organisers of the party dubbed “Boss Myk All Black Party” – Kudakwashe Chigodo and Bruce Moyo.[10]


Mike Chimombe allegedly tried to force a teenager to join him in a threesome.

Online publication Zim Morning Post reported that according to a police report filed at Avondale Police Station under RRB 46282481, Chimombe allegedly lured the teenager to a Harare Lodge called Primrose Mews. He is further alleged to have forced the teenager to film him while he had sex with his lover.

The incident occurred in November 2020 but charges were only filed on February 17, 2021. The police report against Chimombe was filed by Zanu PF Mashonaland West official Abigail Gava who is reported to be a relative of the teenager.

After the police case was opened Chimombe is alleged to have avoided the police who were looking for him. As the police closed down on him, Chimombe claimed that he had contracted Covid-19 and went into quarantine for two weeks.

He is alleged to have engaged the teenager’s family so that the matter can be settled out of court. However, police national spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said that the case was now with the prosecutors and that if the alleged victim wanted to withdraw the charges, she needed to approach the courts. Chimombe denied all the allegations levelled against him and refused to comment on the alleged settlement process.[11]

Mnangagwa Decampaigning Allegations

In May 2021, Chimombe was accused of allegedly fanning factionalism and sponsoring violent gangs to campaign against President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Chinhoyi.

In a letter dated 10 May 2021, Kindness Paradza wrote to Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri asking her to intervene and rein in Chimombe.

Part of the letter read:

"Chimombe is now behaving like a warlord in Makonde, in particular Chinhoyi constituency, where he has divided the party by sponsoring a gang of hooligans whose actions and behaviour are working against the party and our leader, His Excellency the President, Cde ED Mnangagwa. Cde chairman, if no action is taken against Mike Chimombe now, as your DCC chairman, I will be forced to abandon Chinhoyi and concentrate on Mhangura and Makonde constituencies only."

Chimombe is alleged to have unleashed hooligans who disrupted an inter-district meeting in Chinhoyi on May 8, 2021. Paradza accused Chimombe together with Phillip Chiyangwa of sabotaging him because he had won against their preferred candidate, Misheck Nyarubero.

Efforts by NewsDay to contact Chimombe and Chiyangwa were futile.[12]

Failure To Settle US$600 Debt

According to a report by ZimMorningPost, Mike Chimombe is alleged to have neglected to settle a US$600 debt that he owed to a local businessman.

He allegedly entered a transaction with the businessman and was left with an outstanding balance of US$635 and has been evasive.

One of the employees of the businessman who was owed the said amount told the publication:

“Boss Mike owes us US$635 in respect of a transaction we entered into with him. He has not been picking his phone and he is playing hide and seek. Interestingly, he throws parties where he splashes hundred of thousands of dollars so it means he simply doesn’t want to pay. I hear he is in the habit of neglecting to honour his debts."

Mike Chimombe did not comment on the story.[13]

Arrest on fraud allegations

Chimombe was arrested on 26 September 2022 at his Borrowdale Brooke house in Harare on allegations of fraud.

Chimombe and his associates, Steven Chimombe and Hermysh Katsande, were arrested in July 2022 on the same charges.

The trio was accused of selling a Tynwald residential stand to Mr. Brian Marungamise, although the land belonged to someone else.

Marungamise allegedly paid US$16 900 to the three men, but when he wanted to develop the property, someone came and claimed ownership of the land.[14]


Chimombe was granted $50 000 bail when he appeared in court on 28 September 2022.

He appeared before Harare Regional magistrate Dennis Mangosi and was not asked to plead. He was being represented by lawyer Tapson Dzvetero.[15]


On 26 October 2022, a month after his arrest, Chimombe was acquitted of fraud charges after the matter was withdrawn before plea. The State cited a lack of evidence as the reason for withdrawal.

Prosecutor Zebediah Bofu told the court State was making an application to withdraw charges made by the complainant, Brian Marunganise, in absentia.[16]

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Ginimbi hosted another huge party for Mike Chimombe at Domboshava.

Pindula Market


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