Miss Zimbabwe Trust
Miss Zimbabwe Trust
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Miss Zimbabwe Trust, is the license holder of Miss World in Zimbabwe and organizers of Miss World Zimbabwe. It is chaired by Mrs. Marry Chiwenga, who is wife to Vice President Constantino Chiwenga.


The modeling industry started after Independence in 1980 after Miss Zimbabwe was a replacement for Miss Rhodesia and Shirley Nyanyiwa became the first model to be crowned queen at the pageant. In 1994, Angeline Musasiwa, was just one step shy of being crowned the second princess as she claimed fourth place at Miss World.

The 2002 edition did not succeed with organizers having to cope with trying to match the standards set by the Miss Malaika pageant, which had splashed US$3,6 million on their event. . The pageant started struggling financially leading the Miss Zimbabwe Trust to partner with the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority and rebranding the 2005 edition to Miss Tourism Zimbabwe. This proved to be a good year for Zimbabwe from a tourism perspective as the country went on to host the Miss Tourism World pageant, with local queen Olsie Muringai representing the nation.

The country failed to send a representative to the Miss World event. In 2011, the event was split into three categories, Miss Zimbabwe, Miss Tourism Zimbabwe and Miss Universe-Zimbabwe with the queen, first and the second princess claiming these titles respectively.

Zimbabwe Tourism Authority then withdrew from the union, which saw it rebranding back to Miss Zimbabwe with the Miss Zimbabwe Trust failing to host the 2012 edition. By 2013, the pageant was struggling to survive with the trust’s financial problems deepening. Meanwhile, Zimbabwe Tourism Authority created another pageant, Miss Carnival, with the Carnival Queen set to assume the duties of Miss Tourism on the international stage, a task that was carried out by Danai Chipunza who won the inaugural edition. Mary Chiwenga then joined the Miss Zimbabwe Trust with the hope of rebranding it.

Miss Carnival then rebranded to Miss Tourism Zimbabwe, under new management led by Barbara Mzembi. The Miss Zimbabwe Trust then regrouped for the Miss Zimbabwe World Pageant.[1]


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