MoneyGram is an American money transfer that allows users to send and receive money from any location in the world without going through formal banking channels. The peer to peer money transfer platform is an international platform that's almost in every country just like Western Union A sender simply goes to any Money Gram branch and use their systems to send money to their intended receiver.

Money Gram

MoneyGram Patners in Zimbabwe

These are some of the patners for Money Gram in Zimbabwe

  1. OK Supermarkets
  2. BonMarche
  3. CBZ Bank
  4. Stanbic Bank
  5. Bonga Travel And Financial Services
  6. Zimpost
  7. Ecobank
  8. FBC Bank
  9. NMB Bank
  10. Ecocash

How To Send Or Receive Money With MoneyGram

Using an agent
  1. Go to the nearest Money Gram Partner in your location and fill in your details and the destination details
  2. Give the agent the money you wish to send or the account it can be deducted from if they have that feature
  3. Obtain a code that is supposed to be given the receiver
  4. Give the receiver the details of the transaction and tell them to go and collect
  5. The receiver will go to any MoneyGram agent and fill in the receiver's form with the details they obtained from the sender and collect the money
Using the MoneyGram App
  1. Download the app on Play or Google store
  2. Sign Up
  3. Go to the Send Money tab and fill in the details required
  4. Send the money and pass the reference code to the receiver.
  5. The receiver will take the details and go to a MoneyGram Agent and receive the money.