Nasty Trix

Nasty Trix is a Zimbabwean Urban Grooves musician who was popular in the early 2000s. He is well known for churning out hit songs like Chimoko Chidanger, Kupinda Newe, Mwana Uyu Anotyisa.[1]


He was born Trust Dojiwe and he grew up in Mkoba suburb in Gweru. He is married to Moby.


His music career dates back to 2002 when he hit headlines in the media after recording an album while still in secondary school. He then collaborated with Madiz to produce another scorcher soon after completing his O level studies.

Nasty Trixxx rose to fame with his debut album Kupinda Newe with popular song Mwana Uyu Anotyisa and ChiDanger managing to hold its own. He disappeared from the public eye and relocated to Beitbridge where he was doing his private business. Many were convinced Nasty Trixxx had joined the music cemetery but the versatile rapper was back with a new album he hoped would bring back the glory days.

Simply titled My Name is Music, the six-track album is a winning formula for the forgotten singer who once topped charts with songs like ChiDanger and Kupinda Newe. On the album, the singer has formed an alliance with renowned producers DJ Tamuka, Oskid, Russo and Legion. The DDF singer has also collaborated with mbira songbird Diana Samkange and Willom Tight on the song Gumbakumba. Songs on the album include Nhare, Pama Rocks, Tsaga Ndi Boss, Mira Mapurati and Mira Panzvimbo.[2]


Nasty Trix was nominated for the ZIMA Most Promising Artist award in 2006, but lost to Bulawayo-based rapper Pozee, who was working with his sister, Skhu.


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