The National Arts Merit Awards (NAMA) is a forum which rewards and acknowledges artists who have excelled themselves in their respective genres. The awards were launched by the The National Arts Council of Zimbabwe in February 2002 to promote the arts sector by way of recognising and honouring outstanding achievements.


The purpose of the awards is to inspire artists to strive for a higher degree of originality and creativity. It also provides artists with a rare opportunity to jointly market and publicize the arts locally, regionally and internationally.[1]


Only resident artist can be selected. Selection is given to artist works done from 1 December the previous year to the 30th November the current year. Artists submit their work accompanied by the artiste’s product such as cassettes, flash drives, CDs, pictures or books. Individuals submitting are mandated to submit at least three sets of the particular works/production to assist adjudicators.

List of NAMA Annual Awards Editions


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