News:Didymus Mutasa's Former Aide Seeks To Have Chimene Jailed For Invading Farm

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A Rusape woman, Christine Murembwe, has filed an urgent High Court application seeking to penalise Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister Mandi Chimene for defying court orders over the ownership of a farm in the area.

Chimene was barred from taking over the land from Murembwe’s Mona Agri-Tourism Company, which runs the farm but she recently invaded the farm and threw out Murembwe’s property by the roadside, as she claimed to be the owner of the farm. (read more here)

Murembwe wants Chimene to be slapped with a wholly suspended 180 days’ imprisonment for defying the court order.

Part of Murembwe's draft order reads

The first respondent (Manicaland Provincial Affairs minister) and second respondent (Chimene) are, hereby, sentenced to 180 days’ imprisonment, which is wholly suspended for two years on condition they do not, during that period, commit another act of contempt of a court order.

Chimene has been claiming ownership of the farm, saying she has an offer letter from the Lands ministry. Murembwe is a former aide of former Zanu-PF member and current Zimbabwe People First elder, Didymus Mutasa.

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