Rusape is a Town located in Manicaland Province. It is on the Harare Mutare highway, 90km North West of Mutare. The Harare Beira railway also passes through Rusape. It is almost a city.


Lat/Long: 18°32′12″S 32°07′29″E
Manicaland Province and Makoni District.


First settled 1894.
Chiefs Makoni and Mangwendi attacked the settlers here during the First Chimurenga, and Chief Makoni was captured and executed.

The 1969 Rhodesian census puts the population at 4510 Africans, 611 Europeans, 157 Asians, 8 Coloureds, for a total of 5290.
1982 census gave a population of 8,216.
1992 census gave a population of 13,920
2004 census gave a population of 29,292 people.
2012 census gave a population of 30,316

Other information

Rusape is a regional centre for an important agricultural region.
Diana's Vow Cave is nearby.

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