News:Patson Dzamara Comments On Computer Crime and Cyber Crime Bill. Tells Mugabe There's Nothing He Can Do To Stop The Revolution

<vote /> Patson Dzamara posted a video on Facebook over the weekend, commenting on an article written in the Sunday Mail on the government's plan to sign into law the Computer Crime and Cyber Crime Bill. If signed into law, the bill will empower police to intercept private communications and to search and seize electronic gadgets used for criminal activities.

In the video, Dzamara addresses Mugabe and says that he cannot force the people of Zimbabwe to like him because for the past 36 years the Zanu-PF has subjected citizens to misrule. He goes on to say that the President and his party are crazy and that they cannot criminalize the use of social media as a means of freedom of expression.

In a part of the video which was recorded in a vehicle, Dzamara says,

I have a message for you Sekuru Mugabe, Baba va Chatunga. As Zimbabweans we are tired of you, we are fed up and we want you to step down. We want you to go now not tomorrow, not mangwana. You have to go now. We are tired of you. Go now. We are not your possessions, we are not your objects. You cannot deal with us and handle us willy-nilly. Kuti mukafunga shuwa shuwa kuti nhasi takufanga nhasi tinoda kuti tidai zvoto... No! We are not your people. Venyu ndivana Chatunga, not Zimbabweans. Zimbabweans belong to God and Zimbabwe belongs to all Zimbabweans. There's no one who is more Zimbabwean than another. And so get this right, we are tired of you and we are telling you to step down, let us go. Leave us alone. We're tired of your failure, we're tired of your leadership failure and the time for you to go is now. As I go I want you to know something, there's nothing you can ever do to stop this revolution. Absolutely nothing. There's nothing that's more powerful than an idea whose time has come. The time for a revolution has come and you cannot do anything about it Mr Mugabe.

You can watch the video below:

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