Patson Dzamara
Patson Dzamara
Patson Dzamara
DiedAugust 26, 2020(2020-08-26)
Cause of deathColon Cancer
EducationZimbabwe Open University, Lord Malvern High School
Alma materChrist University
  • Political Activist
Years active2016 - 2020
Known forPolitical Activism,
Brother to Itai Dzamara
RelativesItai Dzamara

Patson Dzamara was a political activist and motivational speaker. He was also the younger brother of Itai Dzamara the activist who went missing in 2015 after he was allegedly abducted by unknown people.

In August 2020, it was revealed that Dzamara was ill after being diagonised with colon cancer. He passed away later that month on 26 August.


Patson was born fourth into a family of five children in Mutoko. He spent his childhood alternating between Harare's high-density suburb of Highfield and Mutoko. He attended primary school and part of his secondary school in Highfield. Patson is the brother to activist and journalist, Itai Dzamara.

Educational Background

Patson Dzamara holds a an MBA in Administration from the Zimbabwe Open University and a Doctorate in Strategic Management from the Christ University in India.[1]


Patson Dzamara has published several books in his career which include The Leadership Matrix and The Development Matrix. He was also the founder and president of Off The Hook Group. The organization provides a platform for the development of people into various and leadership roles.[2]


  • The Winning Team
  • The Leadership Door
  • The Development Matrix
  • Dimensional Leadership
  • Finish What You Start
  • The Anatomy of Process[3]


Occupying Africa Unity Square

In June 2016 Dzamara started a campaign to occupy Africa Unity Square in Harare in protest of the government's failure to address the various issues affecting the ordinary Zimbabwean.[4] Dzamara was arrested by members of the Zimbabwe Republic Police on the evening of 8 June 2016, over what are believed to trumped-up robbery charges.


On 16 November 2016, he was abducted, assaulted and dumped near Lake Chivero. See Political Abductions and Forced Disappearances in Zimbabwe. [5]

Conviction for Obstruction of Justice

Patson Dzamara Protests

On 29 June 2017 Patson Dzamara and fellow activist Makomborero Haruzivishe were found guilty of obstruction of justice for allegedly stealing a policeman’s hat and baton stick when they were carrying out Occupy Africa Unity Square in 2016. Harare magistrate Ms. Josephine Sunday sentenced the two activists to 12 months imprisonment. 3 months were however suspended on condition of good behavior, while the 9 remaining months were suspended on condition that the pair performs 315 hours of community service at Rotten Row Court and Borrowdale Police Station.

One Man Demo

In October 2016, Patson Dzamara staged a one-man demo on the disappearance of his brother Itai Dzamara. Patson Dzamara went to the entrance of the Parliament building, and vowed he would not be silenced until the whereabouts of his missing brother Itai were known. Dzamara’s demonstration, however, coincided with the sitting of the National Assembly for the weekly question time, was brief, as he was quickly apprehended and taken away by parliamentary security staff. This was not the first time Patson had staged a demonstration asking the whereabouts of his brother. It was reported that Dzamara stood before the then President Mugabe with a placard written, “Where is Itai Dzamara?” at Independence Celebrations in April 2016.[6]

Response to the Police

In March 2018, the Zimbabwe Republic Police issued out a statement that they were looking for Itai Dzamara. Police Finally Say They Are Looking For Itai Dzamara

Patson Dzamara then wrote on his Twitter account that;

It’s diabolic for this government to ask the citizens through ZRP to assist with information regarding the whereabouts of my brother Itai. Never have I minced my words that they are responsible for Itai’s abduction & missing. They must just bring him back to us, dead or alive.

Over 5000 Zimbabweans have been abducted on political grounds since 1980. The reason why Itai’s issue didn’t die down is because I (we) fought hard. If ZANU-PF thinks they can play politics using this matter they haven’t seen anything yet. I am prepared to fight even with my Iife


In August 2020, Dzamara was diagnosed with cancer of the colon.[7] Outspoken business person Kuda Musasiwa said on Twitter:

Last week i went to see my brother@PatsonDzamara who is sadly battling an aggressive form of Adenocarcinoma colon cancer. Now that it’s become public, let’s keep him and his family in our prayers as he goes though this in the Zimbabwean health system.

An internet fund raising campaign was started to raise US $28,000 that was needed for his treatment.[8]

Cause of Cancer

It was speculated by some prominent people that Dzamara's cancer had been induced by state security agents after one of his abductions. Said Freeman Chari:

"Patson Dzamara, is the 4th person that I know in the past 2 yrs who has been afflicted by some form of abdominal cancer. The common denominator, they are activists/politicians that have at one point been arrested... in some cases reporting being injected something.[9]

The problem though is that pple with no understanding at all of some of the scientific possibilities make too much noise. There are studies on radiation-induced colorectal cancers and others that show the possibility of weaponizing nuclear decay products"[10]


Patson died on 26 August 2020 after succumbing to cancer of the colon.[8] At the time his death, the fund-raising campaign created to raise funds for his treatment had ony raised 13,000 of the $28,000 target.

Patson was buried on 28 August 2020 in Mutoko.[11] Here are some of the pictures at his burial:



Patson Dzamara's one man demo at Independence Day celebrations in 2016


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