News:Patson Dzamara Says He'll Release New Information On What Happened To Itai. Police Refuse Flowers And Queen Cakes At Dzamara's March

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Leaders of civil society organisations today graced the Spirit of Itai Dzamara March which was held in Africa Unity Square today in Harare. The march was done to commemorate the work done by Itai Dzamara who disappeared on the morning of 9 March 2015, when he was abducted by five unidentified men while at a barber shop in Harare's Glenview suburb.

Speaking at the event, National Vendors Union of Zimbabwe chairperson, Stern Zvorwadza said Mugabe did nothing about Dzamara's disappearance. He also encouraged the police who were at the scene to remove their uniforms and join the event. Despite their refusal, Zvorwadza said it was just a matter of time before the police joined the citizens in the fight against Mugabe.

Jestina Mukoko who was also abducted at one time spoke at the event and said that we need Itai to returned dead or alive. She also mentioned that as a victim of government she knows how it feels and it that it pains physically and psychologically.

Patson Dzamara also spoke at the event and said that they have information on what the state did to Itai which they are going to release soon.

The Dzamara children brought flowers and queen cakes which they offered to the police who refused to accept them.

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