News:Police release press statement warning members of the public to desist from violence

<vote /> Following the demonstrations in Beitbridge and the recent ones in Harare (read story here) the Zimbabwe Republic Police through its Press and Public Relations Department, has issued a press statement warning members of the public against inciting or participating in public violence. Below is the press statement



The Zimbabwe Republic Police would like to warn all those who are inciting and engaging in violence that such misconduct will be severely dealt with. The Zimbabwe Republic Police is quite aware that some people would like to engage in social unrest. It is in this regard that Police officers have been heavily deployed to deal with any public disorder situation. Lawlessness of any nature whatsoever and those who are bent on causing mayhem by taking the law into their hands will not be condoned. As police we have information and intelligence on the identities of some criminal elements who are behind the social unrest. We have put our monitoring teams in place and all perpetrators of violence will be arrested. The security roadblocks on our roads are there to monitor the situation. Be warned not to engage in violent activities. So far we have arrested some unruly elements this morning in Ruwa and Mabvuku who were blocking roads.

Charity Charamba Senior Assistant Commissioner Chief Staff Officer (Press and Public Relations) To The Commissioner General of Police Police General Headquarters

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