News:This Is What Political Leaders Have Said About Evan Mawarire

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Evan Mawarire This Flag Campaign Photo

Various political leaders have commented on This Flag Movement coordinator Pastor Evan Mawarire's efforts. During the burial of Dr Charles Utete on Tuesday 20 July 2016, Zanu-PF President Robert Mugabe commented on Mawarire and those who support him.(listen to the speech here)

Mugabe said

The Mawarire's, you know him and those who believe in him that way of living in our country, well they are not part of us, they are not part of us as we try to live together. If they don't like to live with us, let them go to those who are sponsoring them. To the countries of those who are sponsoring them, fine.

After his return from South Africa where he was receiving treatment after announcing that he had been diagnosed with colon cancer, MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai applauded Mawarire's efforts. During a press conference Tsvangirai said

I totally applaud what efforts he is making, it is converging with our national efforts. I am very proud of him. The nation is hurting and life is tough for everyone outside the parasitic elite.

Zimbabwe People First and former Vice President, Joice Mujuru confirmed her party's support for Evan Mawarire. In a video interview she said

As People First, when we look at youngsters, we look at pastors like individuals, Pastor Evan Mawarire. He is one of the many who have decided to just get up and show his concerns, his feelings about how things are not going well in his country. It's true that as People First we are saying 'This way of showing in peace should be supported.

ZAPU leader Dumiso Dabengwa came out in support of Mawarire's call for a stay away. During an interview, Dabengwa said

Mawarire’s efforts are for everyone and he needs support. A complete shutdown will show the government that we are tired. I encourage all the citizens to participate on the next shut down because its success depends upon them.

Former Zanu-PF activist and leader of Viva Zimbabwe, Acie Lumumba wrote a post on his Facebook page supporting Mawarire after he was arrest. In the post Lumumba wrote,

He is in my prayers today and will be joining others to visit him this afternoon. I stand in solidarity with Samantha and the children.

Evangelical Fellowship of Zimbabwe president Shingi Munyeza urged the church to rally behind Mawarire and support his efforts. Munyeza wrote,

But for how long shall it remain a single voice? How long shall we enjoy these ‘successes’ while we are hiding behind it in passive solidarity?

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