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Population (2009) 52,054

Norton is a Town located in Mashonaland West Province in Zimbabwe. It is located about 44.5km west of the Zimbabwean capital, Harare. It is surrounded by farms and forest plantations. It is also home to the Darwin-dale Dam.


It is home to about 52,054 people and the population comprises of both sexes of different nationalities although the majority are local Zimbabweans.


Norton comprises a number of suburbs that include high density Katanga, Calfa, Mari-dale and Johannesburg suburbs as well as Knowe, Twin-lakes and Nharira which are low density suburbs. There are a number of schools, both government and private ones. These include St. Eric's Secondary and Primary School, and Vimbai Secondary and Primary School. Chiedza, Norton 1 and 2 and Dudley Hall and Twin-lakes are primary schools. These are scattered across Norton albeit most are in close proximity to Katanga and Calfa Shopping centers due to these areas being first to be populated.

The Darwin-dale Dam and Lake Chivero supply Norton with a large number of fish(may be dwindling ?) that are sold to outlying areas.

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