Obadiah Moyo

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Obadiah Moyo
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OccupationMinister of Health and Child Care

Obadiah Moyo is the Minister of Health and Child Care.[1] Moyo was also the former CEO of Chitungwiza Hospital.

Allegations of Fabricating qualifications

The allegations leveled against Moyo were that he was a fraud who fabricated academic qualifications he does not possess. This was revealed by online publication Zimlive.com which quoted diplomatic cables sent by the United States Embassy.

One such cable from 2008, which was leaked by whistleblowing website, Wikileaks reads,

Mr. Moyo told us that drug supplies and infrastructure have declined in recent years, and foreign currency is needed to replenish stocks. In the meeting with donors and other CEOs on November 18, Mr. Moyo began his remarks by first explaining that the problem is a lack of cash because the RBZ cannot print enough, and he asked donors to support the hospitals and health infrastructure in a “big way”. (NOTE: Moyo’s business card indicates he has both a Ph.D. and a medical degree. After our initial meeting, we learned that he earned neither. Rather, he was Sally Mugabe’s dialysis technician at Parirenyatwa throughout her long struggle with a kidney disease. After Sally’s death, Mr. Moyo suddenly became Dr. Moyo, and in 2004 he became CEO of Chitungwiza Hospital.



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