Paul Sanyangore
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Known forBeing a prophet and claiming he speaks to God via a mobile phone.

Paul Sanyangore is a Zimbabwean religious leader and self-proclaimed prophet. He is the founding leader of Victory World International Ministries. He is mostly known for claiming that he can call and that he speaks to god via mobile telephone.


In an interview with a local publication, Sanyangore said he received his ministerial call in 2005 while studying for a diploma in Engineering in Kwekwe. He said that he was a drunkard and a chain smoker of mbanje. He claims he wanted to become a Zimdancehall artist.

Sanyangore first ministered in Mbare in 2011 under Heartfelt International Ministries founder Tavonga Vutabwashe before he left in 2014 to start his own church Victory World International Ministries at Mbare Netball Complex.[1]


Anointed condoms

In November 2015, Sanyangore hogged the limelight when he prayed for condoms that he claims were brought by a congregant who asked if it was proper for her to use them with her husband who had just returned two years after his mysterious disappearance. Several women stampeded to have a box of the ‘anointed’ condoms for use in their homes. Speaking to HMetro Sanyangore explained what happened:

I prophesied to a certain woman that her husband would return two years after his mysterious disappearance. I am not sure but during the week, the husband called her telling her he would come back home. She came to church and during prayer time, she took them (condoms) out and handed them to my assistant asking if they were okay to use when her husband returns. I saw nothing wrong in her using them with her husband after two years of absence. Who knows what he was doing there so it is better to be safe. When I prayed for the condoms, some women came out and wanted to have them.


Walking on water

Sanyangore made headlines for claiming to have walked on water, insists he performed the miracle. Speaking during an interview on Star FM on 17 March 2017 with Phathisani Sibanda and KVG being assisted by H-Metro Deputy Editor Charles Mushinga, Sanyangore insisted he walked on water and when asked on the relevance of the miracle, he said the video and pictures were never meant for public consumption.

Said Sanyangore:

That incident happened about four weeks ago and it has been a secret to us. I never wanted it to be public because I know people are not ready for such things. They will always talk. We were at my place celebrating the church's anniversary and my team was having fun time, playing in the pool. Vaitondiseka kuti I can’t swim and I made a few steps into the pool. One of my guys, however, took the video and pictures and began circulating them and I have since fired him from my media team. If you can remember, I never came to you with the story.

In the interview, he said he does not buy bread and at times wakes up with a haircut. Sanyangore said a lot of people flooded his place after he walked on water, wanting to get into the swimming pool. He said some were manifesting in the pool.[3]

Resurrection from the dead

In an interview with a Zimbabwean newspaper, Sanyangore said that he was resurrected after he died at birth after being diagnosed with a heart problem.

Said Sanyangore:

Yes and my mother can testify. I could have died at birth after being diagnosed with a heart problem. My mother was told that I have a few days to live. She said on her way home I passed out and it took one lady to notice that something was wrong with me and she rushed with to a doctor at Park Town shopping centre (Dr. Chikwava) and I was pronounced dead. While she was crying outside and pondering for next move she returned to the room where I was and she found me back to life. She says she does not know what happened only knows that she found me breathing again and the heart problem had disappeared.


Anointed Sewage

In December 2016, he made congregants drink raw sewage on Saturday while clearing ground at his church stand along Seke Road. Reports are that those who were clearing the land were thirsty and requested Sanyangore to buy water for them. It is said they could not get the water at nearby tuck-shops before the preacher went and fetched water at a nearby stream, believed to be contaminated by sewage before applying salt to it. He reportedly prayed for the water and asked the congregants to drink but no one was forthcoming as they had seen where the water had come from. He had to drink it first before his congregants followed.

The preacher even made it public on radio during his slot on Star FM. He said:

It was just a demonstration of faith. We were far away from where we could get water and I just had to sprinkle salt and pray for the water. The people knew the water was dirty and when I said drink it, no one was forthcoming and I had to drink it first to show them nothing would happen. Thereafter they had to drink it. What was just a drinks break turned to be a healing session. I know people will say what they want but this is not new. Elisha did that for people to consume water that was deemed bad for human consumption.


Calling God

Sanyangore claims to have spoken to God during a service. Speaking to HMetro in May 2017 he said he was ready to give people God’s phone number. The preacher said after he had the miracle of speaking with God over the phone, people were after him asking for the number. Said Sanyangore:

That was heaven online, direct talk to God and the results were rather shocking. Some went to the extent of saying I text God on WhatsApp, while some said I was having selfies with Him. Recently I got pictures from a South African magazine which carried the story and inserted a phone number saying that was God’s number. This is untrue as I never at any point gave the number. This is why I feel comfortable talking to you guys, you verify things before publishing unlike on social media.


However, some people have argued that the preacher was probably on a call with someone who fed him with information about the woman.

Videos of Sanyangore calling God=

Pastor Paul Sanyangore "Calls God On Phone" During Service


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