Pengaudzoke is one of the most celebrated music groups to have emerged out of Zimbabwe.


The group was co-founded by two brothers Daiton Somanje and Josphat Somanje around 1985 when they released their first singles. Coming from very humble beginnings, the group grew to become one of the most prominent sungura outfits in the country.[1]

Band Members


It is said that the band embarked on a journey to Harare from Beatrice on foot so that they could record their music at Gramma Records which at the time was the only recording company in the country.[3] On their return from recording the band members almost lost their lives trying to cross a flooded river. After having performed in Domboshava and rested in Chitungwiza, the band members walked to Southerton with barely enough money to buy adequate food.[3] The group recorded an estimated 28 albums, with each one of them performing a number one hit on the music charts. Some of their outstanding hits include, "Kwatakabva kure nenhamo", "Munofamba Muchinditaura", "Seiko Kuonda", "Titonganisei", "Zvibate Pamhaka", "Arindine" among others. The brothers unfortunately parted ways soon after the release of one of their timeless hits "Tsaona" over allegations of witchcraft and disagreements over the use of revenue.[3]


  • Pengaudzoke Zvachose
  • Tokudai Mese
  • Zvese Ndichakupa
  • Chinhu Chevaridzi
  • Tezvara Revai Pfuma
  • Muchandipei
  • Pengaudzoke Zvakare
  • Ndega Ndega Zvangu (1994)
  • Zvogondipei (1995)
  • Titonganisei (1996)
  • Mandivavarira (1998)
  • Akunatsa Sakubayiwa (1999)
  • Tsaona (2000)
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Regardless some spirited attempts by relatives and friends alike, both the Somanje brothers insisted that they would not reunite because irreconcilable differences. In sharp contrast to their glittering career as a single unit, both brothers failed to compose the music that made them household names in music circles.


Zvibate Pamhaka


Sahwira usaore moyo

Ndega ndega

Ngatironge zvinobuda


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