Peter Dube

Peter Dube is a Zimbabwean businessman based in Gweru. In April 2021, Dube allegedly shot four people, killing two instantly after suspecting his girlfriend was cheating.



At the time of the shooting in April 2021, Dube was aged 35.[1]


Justina Nomatter Chawama[1]


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Girlfriend's Murder

Prince Dube allegedly shot four people at Bensam Flats in the early hours of 23 April 2021 as his wife watched.

Dube allegedly shot his girlfriend and socialite Nyasha Nharingo, her sister Nyaradzo, his girlfriend’s alleged lover identified as Shelton Chinhango and Nyasha’s friend Gamuchirai Mudungwe.

Chinhango and Mudungwe died on the spot.

Nyasha and Nyaradzo were admitted to Gweru Provincial Hospital where they are battling for life in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU).

Dube allegedly fled from the scene after the shooting and police launched a man-hunt for him.

Sources told The Chronicle that Dube could not accept being ditched by Nyasha, a popular Gweru socialite who was now going out with Chinhango, his friend who is a known gold dealer based in Kwekwe.

He allegedly shot the four while his wife and his brother Advance Dube watched.

Dube became angry after Chinhango drove Nyasha, Nyaradzo and Mudungwe to Masvingo to collect Nyaradzo’s passport without his knowledge leading to the fatal confrontation.

Mudungwe allegedly tried to intervene and was shot dead together with Chinhango.[1]


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