Platinum Prince
Platinum Prince
Platinum Prince
BornIan Makiwa
Bindura, Zimbabwe
Other namesUnrully
OccupationZimdancehall Musician
Years active2008- present

Platinum Prince is an upcoming Zimdancehall artist. In 2015 he was nominated for a Zimdancehall award. Platinum Prince is mostly known for his controversial lyrics. In August 2015 he released a song on Robert Mugabe that was a topic of discussion on social media.

In October 2019, Platinum Prince was abducted and severely assaulted in Harare. There were suggestions that this was a reprisal attacking for songs he had done that questioned the country's president.


Platinum Prince was born Ian Makiwa.[1] He was born and raised in Bindura in the Mashonaland Central Province of Zimbabwe.[2] He went Bradley Institute in Bindura for his education.

Music career

His first song was "Madam" with the help of Levelz of Chill Spot Records.[3] Platinum Prince rose to fame with his "Hazviite" hit song which he sang along the popular Bodyslam Riddim. Most of his early songs were produced by the Highfield based studio Bodyslam Records. The studio also played a huge role in giving him exposure through such award-winning riddims such as Bodyslam.


Single Tracks

  • Hazviite (Bodyslam Riddim)
  • Waivepi (Black Spot Riddim) 2015
  • Madzibaba (Judgment Yard Riddim)
  • Ndiani
  • Mona Wandigarira
  • Ndirikukusuwa Baby
  • Ndururani
  • Batai Munhu
  • Ndinmoshamisa soo
  • Hanzi
  • Unotoshaya kuti zviri kumbofamba sei
  • Handinyare
  • Wakabatana


2014 Zimdancehall Awards

  • Nominated for the Best Improved Artist Award.


Platinum Prince Batai munhu
Quonfused ft Platinum Prince- Ndururani
Platinum Prince Unruly Interview
Platinum Prince Live at Aquatic Complex

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Platinum Prince sparked controversy in 2014 after he released a song with controversial lyrics which were believed to be linked to satanism. The song called "Ndinoshamisa soo" had weird lyrics which included him being linked to supernatural powers and superstition. He however denied the allegations arguing that he was a bona fide Christian.[2] In 2014 again, Platinum Prince was allegedly beaten up by Killer T over his dissing lyrics which were alleged to be offensive. Platinum Prince had dissed Killer T in a song called "Hanzi" which mocked a lot of artists.[4]

In August 2015 he released a song titled Baba vaBona which was a satirical song directed at President Robert Mugabe. He sang

"Ndeipi yenyu Baba vaBona, ndanzwa vanhu vachiseka kuti makadonha, havana kukwana hapana chinosekesa, takatarisa pavakadonha imimi penyupashoma. Ndeipi President ndamboti ndikumhoresei, murisei President? Ndine nyaya nezvichemo” (How are you, Bona’s father? I heard people laughing saying you fell down, but if we check the number of times they themselves have fallen, your falls do not count. I have issues and complaints to discuss with you)"[5]

Assault in October 2019

Platinum Prince Following Assaulted
Platinum Prince Following Assaulted

In October 2019, Platinum Prince was severely assaulted afer he was abducted in Harare. According to reports, he had just flown into Harare from South Africa and was being driven from the airport.

Some reports claimed that he had been assaulted for political reasons folowing his September song titled "Ndiyo Yacho Here Iyi Mr President"


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