Public Order and Security Act

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The Public Order and Security Act (POSA) is a piece of legislation passed in Zimbabwe in 2002 by a parliament which Zanu-PF dominated. The act was amended in 2007. It was widely alleged that the Act was the brainchild of Jonathan Moyo who was the Minister of Information and Publicity. In 2018 Jonathan Moyo denied that he was behind the enactment of POSA.[1]. Jonathan Moyo claimed that the chief architects of the act when it was formulated were John Nkomo and Dumiso Dabengwa.

Many regard POSA as an act that helped Robert Mugabe consolidate his power. The law gave untold powers to the police, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP). It is still under debate in the new term of the rule and it is inarguably an unfair plot against human rights.

n 2019, Maintenance of Peace and Order Bill (MOPA).

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The Act

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  1. Prof Jonathan Moyo on Twitter, Twitter, retrieved: 7 Sep 2018

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