Raymond Tapiwa Mupandasekwa wasn installed as Bisop of Chinhoyi on 17 April 2018. He is a Redemptorist.

Raymond Mpandasekwa. Source - Catholic Hierarchy

Personal Details

Born: 28 April 1970, Masvingo.
His mother Roswita Madzima was a housewife and a tailor. His Father Fabian Mupandasekwa was a police officer.

School / Education

1991 to 1993 - Chishawasha Seminary, Harare. Diploma in Philosophy.
1995 to 2000 - Chishawasha Seminary, Harare. Honours Degree in Religious Studies.
2001 to 2003 - St. Augustine College, South Africa. Masters in Canon Law.
2007 to 2010 - Academia Alphosiana, Rome. Masters in Moral Theology. [1]

Service / Career

2010 to 2015 - Redemptorist Student formulator.
Member of the board of Governors of Holy Trinity College.
2013 to 2015 - Dean of Outer City Deanary.
2014 - Vice Rector of Holy Trinity College Harare.
2015 - Redemptorist Regional Superior.

Raymond Mupandasekwa. Source - Newsday

Ministries 2001 to 2005 - Curate of St. Fidelis Parish-Mabvuku, Harare.
2005 to 2007 - Parish Priest of St. Gerards Parish-Borrowdale, Harare.
2010 to 2014 - Lecturer in Moral Theology-Chishawasha Seminary.
2010 to 2015 - Parish Priest of St.Fidelis Parish-Mabvuku, Harare.
2010 to 2015 - Lecturer in Moral Theology-Holy Trinity College, Harare.
2012 to 2015 - Lecturer in Canon Law-Holy Trinity College, Harare.

7 April 2018. Bishop of Chinhoyi Diocese. [3]


Redemptorist finally professed:21 February 1998.
A Redemptorist is a member of the Congregation of the Most Holy Redeemer (Latin: Congregatio Sanctissimi Redemptoris; CSsR). It is a part of the Catholic Church, dedicated to missionary work. It was founded by Alphonsus Liguori at Scala, near Amalfi, Italy, for the purpose of labouring among the neglected country people around Naples. Members of the congregation are Catholic priests and consecrated religious brothers, and they minister in more than 100 countries.

Installed as the Roman Catholic Bishop of Chinhoyi on 7 April 2018. It was noted he was the first Black African Redemptorist bishop in Africa. The principal consecrator was Archbishop Robert Christopher Ndlovu (who was also the Administrator of the diocese of Chinhoyi), assisted by Bishop Rudolf Nyandoro. [3]

Further Reading

Appeal From Bishop Raymond Mupandasekwa in Liverpool - [4]

Bishop Raymond Mupandasekwa. Source - Wikiwand


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