Robert Martin Gumbura

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Robert Gumbura
Robert Martin Gumbura
ChurchEndTime Message Church
Personal details
Birth nameRobert Martin Gumbura
Born(1956-07-29)July 29, 1956
DiedAugust 7, 2021(2021-08-07) (aged 65)
Chikurubi Maximum Prison Hospital
ResidenceHarare, Zimbabwe
SpouseTafadzwa Makoni, Queen Bunga, Teda Muzungwani, Chipo Mhlanga, Choice Neganje, Concilia Mukandawire, Amanda Mbanga, Amadias Mutakwa, Pretty Rushwaya, Pamela Mukandawire and Bester Runyowa,

Robert Martin Gumbura was the founder of the Robert Martin Gumbura (RMG) Independent End Time Message Church of Zimbabwe. He is mostly known for being convicted for the crime of systematically abusing female members of his church for years. In February 2014, he was sent to jail for 50 years.


Robert Martin Gumbura was a son of a headmaster and comes from Alaska Mine in Chinhoyi which is in Mashonaland West Province Zimbabwe. He was a teacher at Regina Mundi Girls High School and Mambo High School in Gweru. He had 3 siblings Antipas, Wilson and Innocent Gumbura. He was known for rarely assisting his family members financially despite owning a gold mine, but opting to putting all his resources into his church. Gumbura had 11 wives, Tafadzwa Makoni, Queen Bunga, Teda Muzungwani, Chipo Mhlanga, Choice Neganje, Concilia Mukandawire, Amanda Mbanga, Amadias Mutakwa, Pretty Rushwaya, Pamela Mukandawire and Bester Runyowa, [1] and 30 children. He owns 20 cars and has a huge mansion in Marlborough with 25 bedrooms under construction.

EndTime Message Split

Gumbura joined the End Time Message Church in 1978 and later broke away from the main church in the 1990’s because of the doctrine of polygamy and formed his church called Robert Martin Gumbura (RMG) Independent EndTime Message Church. It is a breakaway church from the “mother church” EndTime Message Church. It is headquartered in Gweru and has branches in Harare, Kwekwe, Chinhoyi and the United Kingdom. His church has since been suspended by the Apostolic Christian Church Council of Zimbabwe (ACCZ).

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Graduation While In Prison

In May 2021, Robert Gumbura graduated with a certificate in Peace Education.

Gumbura was awarded the certificate in absentia since he was attending a routine court appearance on fresh charges that arose during his incarceration.[2]

Conviction and Charges

Robert Martin Gumbura was on February 3, 2014 convicted for 50 years for raping four female congregants and threatening to cast evil spells on them if they exposed him. He had 10 years of his sentence suspended because he had no prior convictions. His sentence included a 4 month term for a separate charge of possession of pornographic videos.

Regional Magistrate Hosiah Mujaya slapped Gumbura with 15 years per count on the first two counts of rape and 10 years per count for the other two rape counts bringing the total to 50 years.He preyed on the flock he was supposed to shepherd and took them as sex objects. He took the female congregants as his personal property, which he would loan to other men. He would dictate which man should marry a female member but at a price that he would be the first to be intimate with her this according to evidence presented in court.

In July 2009, Gumbura faced a further rape charge from a female congregate. It is alleged that the woman was summoned to Gumbura's office by his secretary. Upon arrival the woman was locked inside the office before being raped by Gumbura. It is reported that she did not report the matter to anyone fearing she would be cursed.[3] In 2015, the state re-opened rape charges for Robert Martin Gumbura after the surfacing of a new rape charge which Gumbura was being accused of.[4] The woman identified as Tendai Ganyani is said to have been locked inside Gumbura's office by the latter's secreatry , before Gumbura came and raped her. Gumbura is said to have called his secretary to unlock the door for his victim. The victim failed to report the abuse fearing to be cursed.[4]


In August 2020, the High Court slashed Gumbura's sentence by half.

Robert Gumbura was serving an effective 40-year jail term but after the successful appeal, he would serve only 20 years of the sentence. His lawyer, Lovemore Madhuku said Gumbura might have five years remaining considering the remission of sentence.

The appeal was heard by Justices Charles Hungwe and Edith Mushore.[5]

Withdrawal of Lawyers

After Gumbura began to make moves to oppose the court judgement, his lawyers Advocate Thembinkosi Magwaliba and Ms Rekayi Maphosa, withdrew from the case for undisclosed reason. This development that resulted in Gumbura instructing new lawyer Mr Tapson Dzvetero. Gumbura was appealing against both conviction and sentence.[6]

The Chikurubi Prison Fiasco

Following the rioting at Chikurubi Maximum Prison, it was alleged that Martin Gumbura was one of the brains behind the rioting. Gumbura was said to have incited the rioting by telling the inmates that they were very foolish by accepting poor meals when they could protest by breaking windows.[7] Gumbura and his co-accused were being charged with attempting to unlawfully escape from custody. Gumbura and the likes of other hardcore criminals such as Lucky Matambanadzo and Lucky Mhungu were also said to have gave speeches to inmates telling them not to allow themselves to be mistreated when they could do something about it.[8]

Gumbura was set to appear in court on September 2, 2015 in relation to the rioting but the case was postponed to September 3, 2015. Gumbura's lawyer Tapson Dzvetero was committed with another case in Bindura resulting in Gumbura's case being postponed. Eight inmates were expected to testify.[9]


Robert Gumbura died on 7 August 2021 at Chikurubi Maximum Prison Hospital from COVID-19. A close family source told a publication that Gumbura died on his way to the hospital. Zimbabwe Prison and Correctional Services Spokesperson Superintendent Mayor Kanyenzi said Gumbura passed on in the afternoon on August 7, 2021.[10]


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