Prophet Uebert Angel is a flamboyant religious leader and well known for preaching the gospel of prosperity. Angel rose to national prominence in 2013 with his miracles, wonders and healing. Angel is the founder of Spirit Embassy Ministries launched in 2007 in Manchester, United Kingdom. Angel was reported to have had over 50 angelic visitations, had seen the Lord 6 times and had been caught up in Paradise once.[1] In April 2018 , Angel was reportedly in an adultery scandal Uebert Angel Adultery Scandal: Messages Expose Congregant Who Organises Women For Prophet

Uebert Angel
Uebert Angel
Uebert Angel
Native name Hubert Mudzanire
Church Spirit Embassy Ministries
Personal details
Birth name Uebert Madzanire
Born March 4, 1972
Zaka, Masvingo
Spouse Beverly Angel
Children Uebert Junior Angel
  • Church Leader
  • Businessman



Hubert Mudzanire was born to Mr and Mrs S K Mudzanire on 4 March 1972.[2] He is married to Beverly Angel Mudzanire and the couple has three children including Uebert Junior. Mudzanire later changed his name to Uebert Angel.

The Formation Of Spirit Embassy

Angel established Spirit Embassy Ministries in Manchester in 2007. He then launched a TV Station, Miracle TV in 2011.[3] The TV station closed down under unclear circumstances but was reported to have been relaunched sometime in 2014 Angel had relocated to the UK and spent 13 years there, came back to Zimbabwe in March 2011. He reportedly mentioned that he was mandated by God to come back to Zimbabwe as a way of fulfilling God's command (the Great Commission of spreading the gospel to all nations) to preach and to perform miracles.


It was reported that Angel correctly predicted the death of the first President of Autonomous Region of Bougainville, Joseph Kabui. He is reported to have predicted the death of Michael Jackson and Margaret Thatcher as well. In 2013, an online article stated that Angel announced that he had resurrected 29 people,[4] his publicist, however, denied such a claim was made.

Angel became popular when he reportedly performed the miracle money. He first performed the miracle in Botswana where an estimated P2,4 million was miraculously raised and given to congregants. The miracle money ranged from loans, banknotes, airtime and cash multiplication.[5] Miracle money involved congregants having their bank accounts filled with money. He repeated the said miracle in South Africa where hundreds of people were said to have received between R20 to R100 000. The miracle money was not received well in Zimbabwe. The then Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe Governor Gideon Gono reportedly said the miracle was against financial laws. As a result, Gono called for a press conference with Angel and Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa who was also performing the same miracle at his church. At the press conference, Angel denied creating money but said the prophets were only restoring money that a congregant had lost.[6]

At one point Angel came under fire from women organisations after he reportedly performed a miracle that led a woman into labour. Angel allegedly stretched out his hands and placed them on the female congregant’s belly causing the woman to fall down, break her water and go into labour. The woman identified as 'Mai Masauso' was quickly taken out and confirmed to have dilated by as much as 2  cm.[7] Mai Masauso was then taken to hospital where she delivered a boy and named him Uebert.

In one of his sermons in South Africa in 2013, Angel allegedly performed a miracle that saw all the dysfunctional electrical gadgets working again. Thousands of TVs, cell phones, laptops, refrigerators, stoves, irons allegedly came to life in an instant.A car dead for two years was reportedly restored to function.[8]

Business Interests

Spirit Embassy Ltd is a registered company in the United Kingdom which is owned by Angel and together with his wife Beverly are involved in the company with the wife as a director in the venture.[2] He was reported to own other companies registered in the United Kingdom. These include such as SPIRIT EMBASSY MINISTRIES LIMITED, MIRACLE TIMES TV LIMITED, LEVI HOUSE LTD, COFFEE ISLAND (PVT) LIMITED, BLACK STALLION LIMITED.[9]

Liverpool Prophesy

In 2013 Angel was alleged to have prophesied that Liverpool would get the English Premiership league, an allegation which he seriously denied. The following year he went on to file a US$1 500 000 defamation lawsuit against South African broadcasting station, SuperSport.[10] Angel reported that a State Media paper misquoted him predicting a Liverpool win. In April 2014 he went on to predict a Chelsea win at the hands of Liverpool. He was said to have correctly prophesied the goals and it came to pass.[11]

Relocating to UK

Speculated Reasons

Car Lawsuit

In December 2014, Ndabazinengi Shava accused Angel of defrauding him. He claimed that Angel swindled him of US$300 000 after he lured him to seed a vehicle, a Bentley, worth that amount on the basis that he was to reap more than thrice of what he had seeded.[14] Shava also claimed that Angel had agreed to return the vehicle back if Shava failed to get his reward within 8 months.[14] Responding to these allegations, Angel stated that Shava was tarnishing his image on the grounds that he was never the owner of the car. Angel argued that, the vehicle belonged to Anderson Tagara and not Shava and that his brother Benjamin Mudzanire had purchased the vehicle from Tagara.[15]

It was later on reported that Shava, the man who sued Uebert Angel over a Bentley allegedly was having a bad luck.

A man who sued Prophet Uebert Angel over a Bentley now having a bad luck

"Feud" with Tudor Bismark

In June 2015, Angel was caught up in controversy after Tudor Bismark of Jabula International Ministries made allegations that the former was making allegations that he was affiliated to Jabula Ministries. Bismark accused Angel and his spiritual son Passion Java of misrepresenting facts. In his quest to clarify the matter, Bismark wrote on his website that;
"We - Chichi and I, and the ministries under our covering - do not endorse Passion Java and Uebert Angel, nor do we fellowship with them in any way. We have not sent them nor do they represent us in any capacity."[16]

Son's Prophecy

In June 2016 there were reports that Angel's son Uebert Angel Junior had prophesied at the live Diplomatic service on June 6 in Pretoria, South Africa. According to witnesses, UJ gave clinical and precise prophecy, revealing and detailing information about people he prophetically picked out in the crowds. Not only did he reveal names and locations and dates of birth, the young prophet offered the prophetic word to change situations and address the complex issues in the lives of those he gave the prophetic word.[17][18]

Deportation from Zambia

In May 2017, Uebert Angel and his wife Beverly were denied entry into Zambia because of allegations that Angel was supporting Zambia’s opposition. He was accused of giving a lot of money into opposition leader Mr Hakainde Hichilema’s presidential bid in 2016. The prophet and his wife Beverly were reportedly sent back to the UK on arrival in Zambia after they had refused to comply with stringent conditions that had been set by the government of Zambia. [19]

Angel as a Spiritual Father

Angel is allegedly the spiritual father of prominent Harare prophet Passion Java who founded Passion Java Ministries. The firstborn son of Java was also named after Uebert Angel. The religious leader is also said to be the spiritual father of Zimbabwean musician Mudiwa Hood. Uebert Angel was reported to have bought a Mercedes Benz C200 Kompressor for Mudiwa, emphasising that his church was purely a giving ministry.[20]

Social Responsibility

Angel was reportedly involved in charity work since the inception of his church in 2007. Through its Adopt a Family Scheme, the less privileged families get monthly groceries in addition to having their children's school fees paid. Angel also runs a soup kitchen for the elderly at Bako reDonhodzo in Harare's Highfield suburb Harare. He and his wife Beverly give full course meals. Angel's reach is not only confined in Zimbabwe. He adopted a 74-year-old Motswana widow Jessie Molahlehqi and her four grandchildren who were living in poverty.[21] In Zambia, Beverly has donated thousands of dollars worth of goods.

Adultery Allegations

In April 2018, Angel was alleged to have extra-marital affairs. In reports, a fellow congregant named Melody Dzingai reportedly 'set him up' with other women. These allegations were made by Leeroy Elliot who exposed the WhatsApp messages. Elliot reportedly said

I was trying to handle this issue in a professional manner but these people, including Kelvin Silungwe (Prophet Bushiri’s publicist), hacked my account and posted a statement on the Facebook page that I had apologised retracting my statement that Melody Dzingai was organising girls for Uebert Angel and she is dating Shepherd Bushiri.

Whatever I was saying is the truth. I stand as Elliot Leeroy, Leeroy Elliot, I am not reversing this. They are trying to offer me money and they are tracking me. I am on the run, help me. I have been exposing the rot in the church; I have more sensitive videos and will post it if you try anything to harm me. I will never apologise, even in 100 years.

When Dzingai was asked for a comment she reportedly referred all questions to Maynard Manyowa who reportedly said,

The chats are not genuine. In fact, my sister lost her two iPhone and a Samsung S8 phones. We have made a police report and Elliot must return the phones. Elliot demanded R50 000 but we refused to be blackmailed and he threatened that he was going to expose what he calls dirty messages, but it’s all fake. He is bitter because he was fired as Melody’s personal driver. [22]


Angel has written books which can be bought online. Some of his publications include:



His father Samson Mudzanire passed away in May 2016. A memorial service was held at Doves Funeral Parlour in Harare where Emmanuel Makandiwa gave a sermon.[24]

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