Luxaflor Roses co-owner Roelof Nugteren

Roelof Nugteren is the co-owner of Luxaflor Roses in Zimbabwe.



Aart Nugteren


Roelof Nugteren did his university studies in the Netherlands.[1]

Support for Zanu-PF

In a 2018 interview, Roelof Nugteren said Zanu-PF was the best party for employers. He said that a win for Nelson Chamisa wouldn’t have been better for Zimbabwe because he doesn’t have any international contacts.

"ZANU PF is the best party for employers, we can see they’re trying their best. For example by offering foreign companies the opportunity to purchase land. When Mugabe was in power, the country suffered from a brain drain, a lot of skills and knowledge was gone. But nowadays, more and more highly-trained people are returning."



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