Seh Calaz is an award winning Zimdancehall artist who rose to stardom with songs such as Mabhanditi and Mumota Murikubvira and Kwatinobva Kwakasiyana Siyana. Seh Calaz is known in the contemporary Zimdancehall music arena for his signature "Check Check Check" lyrical chant which features in most of his songs. He belongs to a crop of young musicians that capitalised on the sudden boom of the Zimdancehall genre in Zimbabwe from around 2012. In June 2017, Seh Calaz was alleged to have assaulted his girlfriend and fiance, Moira Knight after an altercation escalated when she had taken his phone.

Seh Calaz
Seh Calaz, Tawanda Mumanyi
Background information
Birth name Tawanda Mumanyi
Also known as Boss Yala
Born August 2, 1990
Genres Zimdancehall
Occupation(s) Zimdancehall Artist, Songwriter



Seh Calaz was born Tawanda Mumanyi 2 August 1990 and grew up in Mbare, Harare.[1] He did his primary education at St Peter's Primary School before enrolling at Mutendi High School. It is said it was his stint at Mutendi which allowed Calaz to discover his interest in music. He also did part of his secondary education at Trust Academy in the Harare city center.

Seh Calaz's talent for music was also apparent around 2008 when he was part of the Christ Embassy choir.[2]

Personal Life

Seh Calaz was once married to Thembelihle Moyo with whom he has a daughter called Shalom Mumanyi. However, the couple ended up splitting, although no reasons were disclosed for the split. On 5 July 2016, Seh Calaz was officially engaged to United Kingdom-based radio personality Eric Knight’s daughter, Moira, at a private function in Harare.[3]The engagement was announced on Ser Calaz's Facebook page, where he posted:

Official: Family and friends help us congratulate the Bandit Boss, Seh Calaz, who last night (Monday) got engaged to Miss Moira Sibongile Knight at a private function attended by family and friends in Harare. We wish the Boss and the Boss madam all the bliss and happiness, good health and prosperity for the adventure that lies ahead and for the next stage of their lives. Congratulations! Wish them well

On 12 June 2017, Seh Calaz was reported to have beaten up, Moira after she had taken his phone. Moira moved out of the Waterfalls apartment that the two were sharing citing fears for her safety. However, she did not press charges against Calaz saying that she was still in love with him and was undecided. [4]

Music career

Little known by then , Calaz announced his grand entry in the music industry in 2013 with his song "Mabhanditi". The song went viral in the ghettos though it did not receive any airplay on local radio stations. When he released "Mumota Murikubvira", the song became popular on most radio stations. The song glorifies the use of marijuana. To cap the year the youthful chanter was voted the 'Best Male Dancehall Artist' at the King of the Dancehall contest held in December 2013. He beat other artists from Chitungwiza, Kwekwe and Gweru and walked away with R10,000.[5] When Jamaican dancehall artist Turbulence came to Zimbabwe in 2013, the two made a remix of Seh Calaz's hit song Mumota Murikubvira.[6]




Mabhanditi Label

Calaz started his own clothing label called Mabhanditi, the name of what he has referred to as his clan. The clothes he wears on stage are produced by the Mabhanditi label and he has said he has plans to take the clothing label international.[2]


In May 2018 Seh Calaz was fined $100 (or one month in jail if he failed to pay the fine) by Harare Magistrate Josephine Sande for recording the song “Kurova Hohwa” which was deemed "indecent and obscene".

In February 2014, together with fellow dancehall chanter, Soul Jah Love, Seh Calaz allegedly took a deposit for a show but failed to show up for the performance at Club Whispers in Highfield. Calaz had signed an agreement with the promoter and got the cash but decided not to turn up for the show. He was reportedly in Cape Town, South Africa on the same day holding another show.[7] In November 2014, Calaz was also involved in a fist fight with a fellow dancehall artist Soul Jah Love at the Sting 2014 held at the City Sports Centre in Harare. The fight is said to have spilled into the crowd resulting in security personnel from the Zimbabwe Republic Police using tear gas to quell the situation. This eventually led to a stampede which resulted in 10 people sustaining injuries.[8] Calaz also exchanged blows with fellow chanter Quonfused after it was alleged that Calaz had an affair with a girl that was in a relationship with Quonfused.

Beef With Winky D

When Winky D released the song Mafirakureva, he came under attack from many ghetto youths. The song which urges the youth to desist from using drugs was perceived by Calaz as an attack since he previously did hits that glorified marijuana smoking like "Ndiri Rasta" and "Mzii". Calaz hit back by dropping a reply song "Kunyan’anya" (Mafira Kureva) which attacked Winky D. Soon after releasing the song Seh Calaz spiritedly defended his right to attack Winky D.[9]


Seh Calaz was assaulted by fellow dancehall chanter Quonfused at Soul Jah Love and Bounty Lisa's engagement party at the Harare Gardens in early April 2014. Calaz finished his set at the wee hours of the Sunday morning and as he was making his way off the stage, Qounfused allegedly pounced on him and gave him a shower of blows leaving him with shaking teeth. The reason for the attack was unknown. Quonfused who tried to escape from the scene was blocked by the fans and instantly got arrested by police details who were at the venue.[10]


ZimDancehall Awards


Seh Calaz - Mahater (Official video)

Seh Calaz Interview describing his entrance into the Music Arena

Seh Calaz Video titled "Handikendenge" which was released in June 2014

Seh Calaz Perfoming on 1 January 2015 at Long Cheng Plaza in 2015

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