Seventh Day Adventist
SDA Church Logo
SDA Church Logo
Pastor(s)Jeffrey Sibanda

The Seventh Day Adventist is a local church that has a considerable following in Zimbabwe. The church observes Saturday as its day of worship. It is also one of the oldest Christian churches in the country.


The Seventh Day Adventist Church began its work in Zimbabwe in 1894. Its first mission station was Solusi, near Bulawayo.[1]

The Church

As of 2000, there were 552 congregations and 288,380 members; 481,600 people were affiliated with the church.[1] The church is led by Jeffery Sibanda.


The church has established primary and secondary academic institutions countrywide. Solusi University located near Bulawayo is also owned and run by the church.[1]

See Solusi Adventist Secondary School.


The church has led some plausible social responsibility schemes which have benefited thousands of people. In 2013, they took part in a campaign to promote blood donation. It was held in partnership with the National Blood Transfusion Services.[1]

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