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BornAshleigh Angel Moyo
Parent(s)Obadiah Moyo

Shashl is a Zimbabwean RnB musician. She became Zimbabwe's first female musician to be signed by Universal Music Group.


Shashl was born Ashleigh Moyo. She is the daughter of former Health minister Obadiah Moyo.[1] She has a sister named Sherris.[2]


She released her debut single No More in 2017.[3] In 2018 she released her first single Blow it in the Wind under the major recording label, Universal Music. Shashl became the first Zimbabwean female musician to get signed under Universal Music Group Africa. [4]

In July 2021 she released Ghetto Buddies under Chillspot Records.

Assault Case

In 2019, Shashl was reportedly assaulted by Godfrey Utsiwegota at Pablo’s Night Club.

Utsiwegota was not asked to plead when he appeared before Harare magistrate Learnmore Mapiye who released him on free bail. Utsiwegota was released on free bail because he had come to court but failed to appear in court because Shashl did not attend court as expected.

Allegations are that Shashl was recording at Pablo’s studio around 11pm and as she left the club and walked towards her car, she was assaulted by Utsiwegota’s alleged accomplice Ovio Mgijima who went on the run.

Utsiwegota allegedly joined in the assault and the two fought Shashl until she lost consciousness.[5]


In 2018 Shashl, who was nominated at the 2018 edition of the African Magazine Muzik Awards (Afrimma) in the Best Female Southern Africa category.[4]


  • In an interview she said her stage name Shashl came from her mother who used to confuse her and her sister whose name is Sherris. Shashl said her mother would randomly call her Shashly.
  • She can play the guitar, mbira, drums, violin, flute, saxophone and marimba.[2]

Leaked Nudes

Shashl accused her estranged lover DJ Levels of leaking their bedroom tape revenge.[6]

The tape and pictures trended on social media platforms in late November 2022.

She claimed that Levels had leaked the sex tape because she told him that she doesn’t want to be with him anymore.

Shashl also said it was not the first time that Levels had leaked their private pictures.

She claimed he once leaked a video of them kissing after she wanted to break up with him sometime in 2022.

Shashl claimed that Levels has been physically and verbally abusing her, saying he would beat her up or shout at her if she doesn’t pick up his calls and at one point was left with bruises after he brutally assaulted her.

Rape Allegations

In November 2022, Shashl claimed she had been raped by Levels resulting in the arrest of the Zimdancehall producer on 5 December 2022. She reported the matter at Borrowdale police station in Harare.

According to a police memo, Shashl claimed she was raped by Levels in July 2021 while they were working together in music at Chillspot studio in Mbare and were not yet in a relationship. The memo reads:

Sometime in July 2021 date unknown the accused person and the complainant were not yet in a relationship but were working together in music at Chillspot studio in Mbare.

On an unknown date in July 2021 the accused asked the complainant to pass through his place of residence to take his car since they were using the complainant’s car and they were coming from the studio.

When they were at the accused’s place they got inside the house. While inside the house they started kissing at the same time the accused pushed the complainant into his bedroom.

Then the complainant stopped kissing and informed the accused that she wanted to reach home before curfew time.

When the complainant was about to leave the bedroom, the accused grabbed the complainant by her trousers, pulled it down to thigh level and he pushed her on the bed and fell down facing upwards.

The accused person forced himself on top of the complainant. He pulled her pant to the level just below his buttocks.

The accused person inserted his erect …. into the complainant’s …. and had sexual intercourse with her without her consent and without protection.

After the act, the complainant ran away from the scene and went home.

The matter came to light when the accused person sent some nude videos and pictures of him and the complainant.

The reason for him to send those nude videos and pictures is that they broke up and this didn’t go well with the accused person.


Shashl - Blow It In The Wind
SYMPLY SHASHL - Sweet 16 Group Chat - Episode 3


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