Shiga Shiga

Shiga Shiga real name Gift Katulika is a Congolese born chanter and choreographer. He became a household name as a member of Tongai Moyo's Utakataka Express Band.


He came to Zimbabwe from the DRC in the early 90s.[1]


Shiga Shiga has five children.[2]

Music Career

He once fronted New Stars Musica and later joined Tongai Moyo’s Utakataka Express outfit until the Sungura ace’s death.

After his death, he joined Mutodi Stars along with bass guitarist Spencer Khumulani, drummer Guyson Sixpence while rhythm guitarist Innocent Mjintu was part of the set-up.

He then rejoined Utakataka Express under Peter Moyo and in between, Shiga has been working with a number of musicians as a session guitarist.[1]

In 2020, he rejoined Peter Moyo's Utakataka Express Band as stage manager although he said he was still pursuing his own solo musical career. Shiga Shiga recorded a single titled Zvinotamba Zvega in February 2020 soon after re-joining Utakataka Express following the collapse of his own band in 2019.

By 2020, Shiga Shiga had three albums to his name — Two Years Later, Zvirikwamuri and Basa Ndakapihwa. He has worked with a number of musicians including Tongai Moyo, Beverly Sibanda, Energy Mutodi, Somandla Ndebele, Joy Commander, Brian Samaita and Gift Amuli.[3]

Breach of Contract

In 2013, Peter Moyo backtracked on his decision to re-engage Shiga Shiga because he found that the chanter had a five-year contract with Energy Mutodi.

Mutodi said he had no problem with Shiga Shiga working with other musicians as long as he was full-time at his band.[4]



  • Two Years Later
  • Zvirikwamuri
  • Basa Ndakapihwa


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