Sinikiwe "Nikki" Kademaunga

Sinikiwe "Nikki" Kademaunga is a Zimbabwean motivational speaker and beauty blogger.


Sinikiwe was born without both wrists and dwarfism. She grew up in Rusape`s Gandanzara area and never lived with her parents. Nikki Kademaunga's grandmother took her when she was two years old.[1] She is the last born in a family of five and the only one with a disability.[2]


In February 2021 she revealed that she was pregnant. Nikki did not reveal the name of her partner because she wanted to protect her privacy.


Sinikiwe Kademaunga attended St Faith’s Primary which was close to where she lived. For her high school education, she walked two kilometres every day to go to school and another two kilometres back after school. She learnt at St Faith‘s Mission. Despite the distance, Kademaunga says her academic life was comfortable.

At Ordinary Level, she had three As four Bs and one C. Nikki proceeded to do her Advanced Levels at the same institution and got 10 points. She studied for a degree in Social Work at the University of Cape Town, South Africa.[1]


Nikki is a motivational speaker and blogger.


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