Sports and Recreation Commission
PredecessorSports Council
PurposeSports Administration
HeadquartersNational Sports Stadium, Samora Machel Avenue West, Warren Hills
Key people
Gerald Mlotshwa (Board Chairman)
Parent organization
Ministry of Youth ,Sports, Arts and Recreation
AffiliationsZIFA, ZOC, ZRU

The Sports and Recreation Commission in Zimbabwe is a department which focuses on the administration of competitive sports. It works under the Ministry of Youth ,Sports, Arts and Recreation and works in collaboration with various government departments, sporting bodies and teams. It was established in 1991 and it operates under the Ministry of Sports and Recreation which was formerly the Ministry of Education Sports and Culture.


The Sports and Recreation Commission was created by an Act of Parliament Chapter 25:15 of 1991. This was as a result of the findings of the Commission of inquiry into the organization of Sport in Zimbabwe which was set up President Robert Mugabe and chaired by Tommy Ganda Sithole. As a result of the Commission findings, the Sports Council was dissolved to pave way for the Sports and Recreation Commission. The Commission derived its mandate from the Act, and reports to the Government through the Ministry of Education, Sports, Arts and Culture.[1]

Part of the mandate of the Sports and Recreation Commission is to facilitate for the accessibility of sports and recreation programmes to the people of Zimbabwe and to oversee the general running of sport and recreation programmes by the National Sports Associations. In overseeing the running of the sport and recreation programmes in the country the SRC is guided by the Sport and Recreation Commission Act Chapter 25:15 of 1991 and the Statutory instrument 342 of 1995. The Ministry of Education, Sports Arts and Culture was also responsible for appointing the Board of Commissioners comprising not less than 8 but not more than 12 members. After the establishment of the ministry of Sports as a separate entity, the Sports and Recreation Commission began to fall under the jurisdiction of this government department.[1]

Structure of Administration

The Sports and Recreation Commission is led by a Board of Commissioners appointed by the Minister of Sport and Recreation to give strategic direction and governance oversight of its affairs. At Secretariat Level the Sports and Recreation Commission is led by the Director General who is assisted by three Directors in running the affairs of the SRC these are:

  1. Director Sport and Recreation Development
  2. Director Business Development
  3. Director Corporate Services and Marketing.

In order to manage its affairs properly the SRC came up with a strategic plan in 2011 whose lifespan lasted until 2016. Based on its internal and external environment analysis the SRC focused on the following strategic areas during the plan period:[2]

  1. Sport and recreation growth and development.
  2. Strengthening SRC organizational effectiveness.
  3. Increasing resources for sport and recreation.
  4. Enhancing sport and recreation delivery capacities.
  5. Promoting the use of ICT in sport and recreation.[1]

Board of Commissioners

  1. Gerald Mlotshwa (Chairman)
  2. Dr Allen Chiura
  3. Colleen de Jong
  4. Gail Van Jaarsveldt
  5. Nigel Munyati
  6. Karen Mutasa
  7. Titus Zvomuya
  8. Garikai Sebastain (Acting Director-General)

SRC Training and Programmes

The Sports and Recreation Commission noted that for sport programmes to be effectively discharged there is need to have a vibrant sport education programmes that support the delivery of the programme. The commission promised the nation to develop and implement a capacity building system that supports and improves the overall delivery of sport and recreation development in the country.

Apart from having our own sports programmes, we also assess the suitability of the sports programmes in line with the internationally accepted training principles and standards. The programmes include among the following:


  1. Zimbabwe National Youth Games
  2. Zimbabwe Paralympic Games
  3. Youth Education Through Sport
  4. Annual National Sports Awards (ANSA)
  5. African Union Region 5 Games
  6. African Sports Council Games
  7. Zimbabwe Sports Hall of Fame.[3]
AUSC Region 5 Games

Training Programme Initiatives

  1. Executive Development in Sports Management
  2. Sports Governance
  3. Youth Sport Exchange Programme (YSEP)
  4. Diploma in Sports Studies.[3]


Sports and Recreation Resource Centre

It was developed in cooperation with the commonwealth sport development programme of the commonwealth games association of Canada and the grand opening was done on 18 January 2001. Material found at the centre include textbooks on sports psychology, sports science, physical education, fitness, among others. The centre is located at Magamba Hockey Stadium in Harare.[3]

Magamba Hockey Stadium

It was opened in 1995 when Zimbabwe hosted the All Africa Games. It is the biggest hockey ground in the country with up-to date world standard qualifications.

The Zimbabwe National Sports Stadium

The National Sports Stadium is the biggest sporting field in Zimbabwe. It has a capacity of about 65 000 seats. It is located about 4 km from the central business district of Harare along the Harare- Bulawayo highway.

Chitungwiza Aquatic Sports Complex

It was opened in 1995 again to cater for the All Africa Games. It is located 1 km from Chitungwiza town centre and about 30 km from Harare Central Business District. It has a number of facilities including a multi-purpose indoor sports hall, club house, Olympic size swimming pool, children's pool etcetera.[3]

National Sports Governing Bodies

  1. National Athletics Association of Zimbabwe
  2. Zimbabwe Cricket
  3. Hockey Association of Zimbabwe
  4. Zimbabwe Football Association
  5. Zimbabwe Acquatic Union
  6. Zimbabwe Rugby Union
  7. Zimbabwe Triathlon Association
  8. Tennis Association of Zimbabwe
  9. Zimbabwe Golf Association
  10. Zimbabwe Karate Union
  11. Zimbabwe Cycling Federation
  12. Zimbabwe Badminton Association
  13. Zimbabwe Baseball Association
  14. Basketball Union of Zimbabwe
  15. Zimbabwe Lawn Bowls Association
  16. Zimbabwe Amateur Boxing Association
  17. Zimbabwe Cycling Federation
  18. Horse Society of Zimbabwe
  19. Gymnastics Zimbabwe
  20. Judo Association of Zimbabwe
  21. Zimbabwe Netball Association
  22. Rowing Association of Zimbabwe
  23. Zimbabwe Shooting Sports Federation
  24. Sailing Association of Zimbabwe
  25. Zimbabwe Volleyball Association
  26. Zimbabwe Bodybuilding & Weightlifting Association
  27. Zimbabwe National Amateur Wrestling Association
  28. Zimbabwe Snow Sports Association
  29. Squash Rackets Association of Zimbabwe
  30. Zimbabwe Table Tennis Union
  31. Zimbabwe Taekwondo Association


The Sports and Recreation Commission of Zimbabwe has been a product of its own time by failing to perform competently. Like most sporting bodies such as the Zimbabwe Football Association and the Zimbabwe Premier Soccer League, the Commission has failed to rescue national teams from the challenges of financial constraints which have in some cases resulted in national teams failing to pitch up on international games.[4]


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