Sylvester Hashiti

Advocate Sylvester Hashiti is a Zimbabwean lawyer. Hashiti was a member of Nelson Chamisa’s legal team during the presidential election result challenge in 2018



Sylvester Hashiti's wife is Emma.[1]


Hashiti was a Country Researcher for the Institute of Security Studies from January 2009 to March 2011 before he joined Dube Manikai & Hwacha in May 2011 as a Legal Counsel. He left in June 2012 and started his career as an advocate of the High Court and Supreme Court of Zimbabwe.[2]

Domestic Violence

A report by The Herald alleged that Hashiti beat up his wife who had stumbled upon his conversation on a social media platform with a lady only identified as Maureen. According to a police report seen by the publication, when Emma confronted her husband, he allegedly lost his temper and assaulted her with fists, choked her and pulled her hair.

Hashiti's wife Emma then fled the house and went to report the alleged assault at Borrowdale Police Station.

The following morning, Hashiti allegedly went to the police station with Nelson Chamisa to try and have the report withdrawn.

Emma refused to follow up her initial report to the police, although the police continued with a criminal investigation, which does not require the co-operation or consent of the person who made the initial complaint.

A person who feels they have been wronged can only withdraw civil proceedings. Criminal proceedings are a matter for the police to investigate and the National Prosecuting Authority to decide whether there is a case to bring to court.

Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi told The Herald that after the wife’s report was made Hashiti locked himself inside his house. Nyathi confirmed that Hashiti went to the police in the company of Chamisa saying the case involved top people and therefore it was unnecessary to report it. Nyathi said:

“However, he was told at the police station that domestic violence cases are taken to the courts. The wife was advised to bring a medical report, but she never came back. The docket is now at the courts for consideration, but the wife has become hostile and is no longer cooperating with the police.”

A close relative, who spoke to The Herald on condition of anonymity said Hashiti's marriage has been on the rocks for some time with the couple no longer sharing the same bedroom.[1]


In June 2020, Hashiti was arrested for accusing prosecutor Zivanai Macharaga of taking a US$20 000 bribe from former Mines Minister Walter Chidhakwa. Hashiti was in court representing Chidhakwa's co-accused Francis Gudyanga who is the former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Mines and Mineral Development.

Gudyanga and Chidhakwa appeared before magistrate Nyasha Vitorini. Accusations are that on the same date, Hashiti asked magistrate Vitorini to put it on record that Macharaga had received a bribe of US$20 000 from an accused person, who was appearing in one of the anti-corruption courts at the Harare Magistrates Courts.

This statement was published in a local newspaper headlined “Anti-graft prosecutor in bribery storm.”

According to the State, the statement carrying the allegations was malicious, false and meant to attack Macharaga’s integrity and to impair his dignity.

It is alleged that Macharaga was not in court on the day Hashiti alleges he received a bribe. Police reportedly instituted investigations into Hashiti's claims and discovered that they were false and Hashiti could not substantiate the claims. Hashiti was arrested on 10 June 2020 and charged with criminal insult.[3]


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