Tanaka Chinyahara
Born October 12, 1995
Nationality Zimbabwe
  • Footballer
Employer Hobro IK

Tanaka Chinyahara is a Zimbabwean born footballer who plays for Hobro IK in Denmark.


Chinyahara was born on 12 October 1995.[1]

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He started his football career at a young age before he joined Keizer Chiefs Juniors but left the club in 2010 when the academy was disbanded.[2] He went on to join Bidvest Wits juniors, under the guidance of former Zimbabwe international Charles Yohane.[3] He played in South Africa for five years and having impressed scouts from Hobro, the midfielder was invited for trials in 2015 where he also impressed the technical team.[2] He was signed by the club on a one-year contract on the basis that if he reaches the expected standards, he will be offered another deal.[4]


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