Tererai Mugwadi
Tererai Mugwadi
EducationDominican Convent
Alma materUniversity of Limpopo
  • Musician.
Known forMusic
Spouse(s)Ernest 'Nesto' Manandi; Liberty Mafukidze (former husband)
ChildrenGabriel and Hannah
Parent(s)Everisto Elarius Mugwadi
RelativesTatenda Mugwadi

Tererai Mugwadi is a Zimbabwean artist and one of the pioneers of Urban Grooves. She rose to national stardom in the 2000s with her hit song "Waenda" which is found on "Chamhembe Volume 1" compilation album. She went on to release other hits such as "Sands of Time", "Heya" and "I would and I will".

In January 2018, Mugwadi was found guilty of culpable homicide charges after she was involved in an accident which claimed the life of Seremani Marvellous in September 2017. She was fined US $250.

In February 2018, a sex tape with Mugwadi and a man identified only as Zhetstar was leaked on the internet.[1]


Mugwadi was born on January 25 and raised in Mount Hampden. She got married to her former manager, Liberty Mafukidze in December 2011 although the union was not successful.[2] She has a son, Gabriel, who is said to be a child she has with her former partner David Mukwedeya[3] In 2016 it was reported that Mugwadi had a child with musician Enerst 'Nesto' Manandi whom they named Hannah.[4]


She attended Dominican Convent in Harare for her secondary education.[5] She then proceeded to the University of Limpopo where she graduated with a degree in Psychology.

Music career

She entered the music industry whilst a teenager when she released a single 'Waenda'. The song became a chart topper on local stations. "Waenda" was part of the "Chamhembe Compilation" album. The latter featured some of the best urban grooves songs from the likes of Roki, Leonard Mapfumo, Mafriq and EX-Q.[6] As of 2013, Mugwadi was working on her second album "The Tea Time, Listen Up Volume Two". Terry as she is affectionately known by her fans, has worked with some of the best musicians to date including Maskiri, Sanii Makhalima and Alexio Kawara to mention a few.


Swedera Feat Rusere

Alexio Kawara Feat Tererai, Tinodanana

Maskiri, Natty G Feat Tererai, NaMwari

Drug Addiction Claims

Mugwadi's friends alleged that they wanted her to be checked at the rehabilitation center following her alleged wayward behavior that exhibited signs and symptoms of alcoholism and drug addiction. Since her return from South Africa having finished her degree in 2010, Mugwadi alleged returned to drugs after promising not to take drugs again. Urban Grooves Association chairman Eddie Dhliwayo blamed Roki for re-introducing Mugwadi to drugs. Roki was at one point convicted for possessing marijuana. Dhliwayo confirmed the drug addiction saying he had helped Mugwadi with the problem before.[7] The matter of her alleged drug abuse, however, resulted in Tererai filing a lawsuit against the Sunday Mail arguing that the publication had tarnished her image and that she had never abused drug at any point in her life.[8]

Culpable Homicide

In January 2018, Mugwadi was found guilty of culpable homicide charges after she was involved in an accident which claimed the life of Seremani Marvellous in September 2017.

Alleged Sextape

It was reported that Mugwadi's sexual video with one named Zhetstar was leaked on social media. When asked for a comment Mugwadi reportedly said,

“I have no idea on how the video leaked and a lot of people have been calling me both friends and relatives.

“I am, however, working on this to put my house in order,” said the diva before hanging up. [9]


  • Waenda
  • Chii Chiri Kuitikaka
  • Bata Musoro
  • Where's Our Future
  • Samba Song
  • Aiwa
  • Heya
  • Dai Zvikaitika
  • Tribute to Sam
  • Heya (Instrumental)
  • Rugare[10]

Quitting Music

Tererai announced through her official Facebook page that she has quit music. She dropped a bombshell to her fans and outlined that she has failed in the industry and has decided to throw in the towel.

She wrote on her Facebook page “I never thought I would ever find myself facing such a day. Music and I have been besties since I can remember. It used to rock my world…it moved my soul and I believed that it was a calling from God to help people face their day by giving them a little comfort and maybe joy…all through song."

Tererai went on to say that the odds were against her and things were never the same so she had to take a decision by quitting music for good .

”Music doesn’t love me anymore and quite possibly its that I'm doing something wrong. I considered that maybe having started in Gospel music that I have taken the wrong road…maybe so, but however hard I try….no matter what I do it's just not the same anymore.

”I'm so proud of some of the work I did manage to do and so happy that I got to be part of a world of brilliant musicians that ooze with talent and honestly the world just isn't ready!!!!

“I'm sorry about everything I ever did that hurt anyone.”It is with such a heavy heart that I have decided that music and I have come to the end of our road. I want to announce that I'm withdrawing from my former public life and I feel I have fulfilled my obligations and done all I can! Sometimes we have nothing, but to accept that something has come to its end. It is indeed a bitter end.”[11]


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