Thokozani Khupe Assault MDC-T Extraordinary Congress 2020

Thokozani Khupe at MDC-T Congress in December 2020


MDC-T leader, Thokozani Khupe was manhandled by supporters believed to be aligned to a rival presidential candidate, Douglas Mwonzora, in the middle of an Extraordinary Congress designed to replace the late MDC founding president, Morgan Tsvangirai.


Mwonzora Suspension

After the incident, Khupe wrote a letter to Mwonzora on 27 December 2020 indicating that he had been suspended for violating some sections of the MDC-T constitution.

Part of the letter read:

Following the recent developments in the party in which you have been involved in fraudulent activities regarding electoral procedures of the MDC-T Extraordinary Congress, instituting violence to our members and election agents as well as inappropriately withdrawing party funds without following due process, you acted in a manner inconsistent with express or implied conduct of your membership of the party, putting the party into disrepute … Accordingly, in terms of clause of the constitution of the party, you are hereby suspended from your position as secretary-general of the party. During the period of your suspension, you shall not perform any duties as secretary-general.

In response, Mwonzora urged Khupe to accept the will of the people. He also dismissed his alleged suspension by Khupe as a non-event.

He said:

I can’t be suspended by a fellow candidate in an election, during an election, and in a few minutes time or in a few hours time we will have a new president and it is up to that president and the national executive to deal with this matter. It is an act of illegality.


Suspension Of Extraordinary Congress

Khupe also suspended all proceedings at the Harare International Conference Centre.[1]


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