Tinashe Mutarisi
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Tinashe Mutarisi is a Zimbabwean businessman and the chief executive officer of Nash Paints.[1].


Tinashe Mutarisi said he was born in Wedza and grew up under difficult circumstances having lost his parents at a young age. In an interview with The Herald, Mutarisi said his siblings would also support him and sometimes moulded bricks just for him to complete his secondary education.

Tinashe Mutarisi comes from a polygamous background. His father had three wives and 27 children.[2]


Mutarisi was born on 21 April.


In August 2020, Tinashe Mutarisa said he has six children with his wife.[2]


  • Avion
  • Nash Furnitures
  • Nash Paints
  • NashTV


Nash Paints

After he finished school, Mutarisi worked at a retail shop in Chivhu before migrating to Botswana where he discovered the opportunities that existed in the local paint industry.

Tinashe Mutarisi started off with a run-down paint company branch in 2006 at Chikwanha Shopping Centre in Chitungwiza and grew Nash Paints to become a respected brand, in the process winning numerous accolades.[2]

Nash Furnitures

Mutarisi took over Coloursel Furnishers and established Nash Furnitures after the owner Tich Mharadze resumed his mining operations in Mashonaland West.[3]


Tesla Model X

In October 2018, Tinashe Mutarisi bought a Tesla. The Tesla was reported to have cost an estimated US$750 000.[4] However the car in July 2021 was listed to cost US$10 000.[5]

Legal Issues

Rent Arrears

Tinashe Mutarisi was taken to court by his landlord Mining Industry Pension Fund (MIPF) over US$27,000 rental arrears. MIPF claimed that one of Mutarisi’s companies Nash Furnishers, owed the pension fund US$27, 000 in breach of a lease agreement for a shop located at Takura House, Harare.

According to court papers dated March 17 2021, Mutarisi signed a lease agreement on January 24 2019, through his company Penmen Investments.

MIPF unilaterally made an upward review of the rentals and demanded that Mutarisi pay a backdated amount of the revised fee.

Mutarisi then disputed this arrangement leading to the matter spilling to the courts.[3]


  • Top Business Leader of the Year — Paint and Construction industry - 2016
  • Zimbabwe Top Businessman of the Year
  • Top leadership Excellence Award


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