Tongai Moyo Junior

Obert Tongai Moyo Junior is a Zimbabwean Sungura musician. As of February 2021, Moyo is based in South Africa.


Tongai Moyo Junior was born at Kwekwe General Hosptial and bred in Kwekwe. He was born in a family of eight children – three boys and five girls and is the fourth child. When he left Kwekwe for Harare, Moyo was based in Eyecourt, Waterfalls.

He is the son of the late Tongai Moyo and the half brother of fellow musician Peter Moyo. Moyo's mother is Lucy Mahlatini.[1]

The Chronicle reported that Tongai Moyo Junior had a fall out with his elder brother Peter and decided to relocate to South Africa where his mother is based.[2]


Moyo went to Sesombe Primary School before transferred to Kwekwe Primary school.

Afterwards, he did his secondary first year at Loreto High School then later moved to Manunure High School in Mbizo, Kwekwe. In 2014, he left Kwekwe for Harare to finish his O Level studies firstly at Manyame Park and lastly at Kenzim College where he said he "passed with flying colours."[1]


Moyo like his brother Peter also uses the name Utakataka Express for his band. He released the song Dhewa Vedu in which he asks why only one person is enjoying their father’s inheritance at the expense of everyone else.

In 2020, Tongai Moyo Junior recorded a single with his mentor Ronnie Mudhindo titled Dzinza Rinokosha.[1]

His song Cain and Abel was voted to number 15 on 2020 ZTV top 50 videos. The song was believed to be about the sibling rivalry between him and his elder brother Peter Moyo. [3]


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