Trymore Bande
Image Via: Manica Post
Born (1985-02-26) February 26, 1985 (age 37)
Honde Valley
Spouse(s)Fortunate Chinonzura

Trymore Bande is a Zimbabwean gospel musician who stole the limelight when he produced an album with a beat and vocals that many mistook for Charles Charamba’s music.


He was born in Honde Valley and grew up in Samaringa Village.[1]


Bande was born on February 26 1985.[2]


Trymore Bande's wife is Fortunate Chinonzura. The two got married in 2008.[3]


Bande's firstborn daughter was born in 2008.[3]


Bande did his primary and secondary education at Samaringa Primary and Secondary Schools respectively.[1]


Bande told The Herald that he started singing in 2005 after he finished school in 2004 and was inspired by the music of Pastor Charamba.[1]

Bande recorded his first album Old and New Testament in 2005 but released it in 2008.[3] He recorded the album with Elias Musakwa’s Ngaavongwe Studios. The album was produced by Jonathan Mgazi.[2]

He became a household name after he released the album Zvakagara Zvakadaroin 2013 where he sounded like Pastor Charamba. The album was produced by Lyton Ngolomi. Other albums he recorded include Discover to Discover in 2009 and The Scriptures in 2010. These did not have the same impact as his 2014 album.

In 2014, Bande quit his job as a sales representative to do music on a full-time basis.[1] In April the same year, Bande who had for years been working with a session band finally assembled his own band called Gospel Vocals. The band consisted of eight members.[4]

Charamba's band Fishers of Men management reported Bande to the police after they saw his CD being sold as Charamba’s album.[3] Street vendors sold Bande's Zvakagara Zvakadaro as Charamba’s 2013 release. Responding to the incident Bande said it was saddening and demotivating. He said:

"After I have released the album, I took it to the radio stations where it is receiving good airplay, even in commuter omnibuses the album is constantly being played. I thought it was my time to shine but to my shock, the album has been pirated and it is now under Pastor Charles Charamba’s name. These guys are misleading the public by repackaging and putting Pastor Charamba’s face and name on my album. As a musician who is trying to make a living from my God-given talent I am deeply saddened by this latest development which I find demotivating. There is nothing I can do as I have no power to bring these guys to book, but I hope and pray that the long arm of the law will act on piracy."


On copying Charles Charamba, Bande said:

"I could neither disagree nor agree that I copied Pastor Charamba only people are the best judges though what I believe is that God gives people voices that could resemble each other. But I would say maybe it is because I envy Pastor Charamba and his music and our relationship is not sour since we are all doing the same job of preaching the Word."




  • Zvakagara Zvakadaro (2013)
  • Discover to Discover (2009)
  • The Scriptures (2010)
  • ZvaMwari (2014)
  • Praise and Testimony in Songs (2017)


Trymore Bande - Mashoko Evanhu Official Video Laktam Studios 2019
Trymore Bande - Vana Vangu Official Video laktam studios 2016
Trymore Bande - MUIMBA YAMWARI
Trymore Bande-Guhu Randakanzwa(Official Video)NAXO Films 2021
Trymore Bande - Kunamata Kwakanaka


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