Tudor Bismark

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Tudor Bismark
Bishop Tudor Bismark
Bishop Tudor Bismark
OccupationReligious Leader
Years active1982 - present
OrganizationJabula New Life Covenant Church
Known forBeing a Religious leader
Spouse(s)Chichi Bismark
ChildrenDrean Bismark,Jason Bismark, TJ Bismark and Bernstein Bismark

Tudor Bismark is the founder of the Jabula New Life Covenant Church, an organisation he established together with his wife Chichi Bismark in 1989. It is said that the ministry started off as an extension of the local church in Harare but has grown such that it has now firmly established in 27 countries.[1] Bishop Bismark also serves as the Chairman of the Council of African Apostles, a wholly African initiative to bring the key apostolic voices of the African church to bear on uniquely African issues.


It has been reported that Bismark had always been an outstanding public speaker from the time he was a 17-year-old boy traveling in villages in Bulawayo in Zimbabwe. Tudor Bismark is married to Chichi Bismark who also happens to be a senior pastor too in the New Life Covenant Church in Harare, Zimbabwe.[1] The couple is blessed with four boys.


In July 2021, Tudor and Chichi Bismark's son Bernstein passed away. Tudor Bismark made the announcement on his social media pages.[2]

Bernstein Bismark Passes Away

The Birth of the Ministry

Tudor Bismark alongside wife Chichi became senior pastors in 1982 in what was initially New Life Temple. After having overseen the growth of New Life Temple, the church was renamed to New Life Covenant Church on Sunday, 6 December 1998.[3] Due to the fact that the organisation did not have a permanent abode, they were forced to rotate buildings to hold their church services often relying on Girls High School, Queen Elizabeth School, the Garden Club Hall in the Harare Exhibition Park, and the ZANU-PF conference hall. From around 2000 to 2001, they utilised the auditorium at 55 Kwame Nkrumah Avenue for their Sunday and mid-week services. They eventually moved to the Harare International Conference Centre where they held services up to March 2015 and moved in to a leased renovated place at 149 R. Mugabe Road.[3]

Mentoring and Publications

Bismark is also a prominent author who has authored more than twenty books and teaching manuals which include the bestselling "The Blessing of 1000 Times More". It is also said that Bismark is a widely sought after speaker and a leadership expert. He has been invited to speak at various events and conferences which include Pastor's & Leaders Conference in the USA, The Redeemed Church of Nigeria's camp meetings, a gathering of more than one million Christians, The Experience in Lagos, Nigeria, and addressing the Heads of State at the Annual African Union breakfast.[3]

Key Publications

  • Fathers to the house
  • The order of the Kingdom
  • In the Kingdom in motion
  • The prayer collection
  • Levels of anointing...Realms of authority
  • The spirit of honour
  • Conflict resolution
  • What every Kingdom needs

Philanthropy and other Activities

Bismark through Jabula ministries has engaged in philanthropic work for a period spanning over two decades. They have been involved in numerous meaningful religious, humanitarian, and practical projects. These projects and initiatives have ranged from extensive medical programs, orphanage operations, humanitarian relief, national leadership initiatives, educational scholarships and funding.[4]

Controversy with Java and Angel

In June 2015, Bismark issued a statement which explained that his church was not in any way related to charismatic preachers Passion Java and Uebert Angel. This was after Java and Angel were alleged to have made some remarks that they were affiliated to Bismarck Ministry. In a statement published on the church's website, Bismark argued that; "We - Chichi and I, and the ministries under our covering - do not endorse Passion Java and Uebert Angel, nor do we fellowship with them in any way. We have not sent them nor do they represent us in any capacity."[5]

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