Viva Zimbabwe

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Viva Zimbabwe
FoundedJune 30, 2016 (2016-06-30)
National affiliationZimbabwe

Viva Zimbabwe is a Zimbabwean political party formed by politician and former Zanu-PF member, Acie Lumumba. The party was launched on 30 June 2016 at New Ambassador Hotel in Harare.


On 3 June 2016, while addressing youths who had gathered for a Public Meeting on Political Solutions to National Affairs, Viva Zimbabwe founder Acie Lumumba expressed his desire to form his own political party.[1] Viva Zimbabwe was launched on 30 June in Harare at New Ambassador Hotel.

Launch and Insulting President

The party was launched on 30 June 2016 in Harare. While addressing a press conference after the party's launch, Lumumba insulted the president with the F-word and threatened that if anything happened to him the president's children would suffer the same fate. Lumumba said,

"The red line we are now setting, for the political dispensation that is about to happen. Is, hanti hamusati mambonyatsotukwa. Majaira kutukwa nevanhu chihwande hwande handiti. Majaira kutukwa nemaProtestor. Muchitukwa muri muma private hallways. You have never really seen Zimbabweans angry. Havasati vambovaona. So here's the red line. Mr. President, Robert Gabriel Mugabe, Fuck You. I have drawn the line. Our kids are in trouble. It's a red line. I know. I know.. And my name is Lumumba Lumumba Lumumba I say it 3 times so you don't forget it. Come get me. But here's the thing about getting me. I'm someone's child, a war veteran's child. You touch me. You can touch me. But I hope you live long. Because God forbid something happens to you and you leave your kids, they will be touched too. I'm not making threats. This is not a threat. If anything happens to any of you guys. They can keep doing this. One thing they must never forget, is when they go, they leave their own kids. Tichisara yaa take take, ne generation iyoyo. I like those kids. I can't blame them for anything. They were born there. You can't say, 'wakapfekerei bhutsu yakanaka?', imhosva yake here kuti ana baba president? Apfeka bhutsu yakanaka. But kuti irambe iripo bhutsu ka. Zvazvakanaka dai mamboita nguva yekuswedera paside so that the young people of this country can fix the mess you created for the last 40 years. My name is Lumumba and welcome to the Viva experience. Thank you."

Name Stealing Allegations

A civic society group known as Voices in the Vision for Africa Zimbabwe (Viva Zimbabwe) filed an urgent High Court application seeking to stop Lumumba from using Viva Zimbabwe as his party name. The group claims Lumumba stole their organisation’s name, adding they coined it in 2001. The leader of the group, Nqobile Moyo, said Viva Zimbabwe is a non-political organisation representing youths.[2]


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