Is an annual award ceremony which is run by a organisation called Zim Hip Hop Award Private Limited.


A brainchild of Aldrin Harrison and Alexander Mutumha, the project was founfd in 2011 to promote and market the hip hop genre in Zimbabwe. The ceremony is held every second week of December. Since the year of commencement, winners would be given a statue known as a fist.[1]

Selection of Artists

To qualify for the awards an artist's music had to be played on Power FM, Star FM or ZiFM Stereo radio stations between October the previous year and October the current year of the awards.


In 2012 the organisers split into two camps with one camp accusing another of publishing a fake list of nominees.[2] The following year 2013 the judges withdrawing at the last minute claiming that they were not furnished with artist material needed for a fair and just judgment.[3] Without given CDs for adjudication, the judges felt it was better to withdraw than to award undeserving artists.

2011 Nominees and Winners

  1. Best Hip Hop Artist Male:Stunner (winner), Maskiri, Mr Hinges
  2. Best Female:Trae Yung (winner), Amelia,Dj Naida, Roman

2012 Nominees and Winners

  • Best Male:Mc Chita, Maskiri (winner), XQ, P.O.Y, Tatea Da MC
  • Best Female:Trae Yung (winner), Dj Naida, Roman, C-La Fox
  • Best Hip Hop Producer :Begotten Sun (winner), Xndr, Mr. Noxa, F.T.R, Take 5
  • Best Hip Hop video: Mabhomba- P.O.Y, H-Town-Tatea Da Mc Ft Crimson Blue (winner), Sweet life -Tehn Diamond ft Simbatags, Syn City-Synik, Ndimi mafans-Stunner ft Boys Repa Tonaz
  • Best Hip Hop Radio Dj:Thembz-Power Fm, 0Dj L-RoY-Power Fm, Davis Mugadza-Power Fm (winner), Dj Munya-StarFm, Delany-ZiFM Stereo
  • Best Collaboration:Power Cut-(Synik, Junior Brown, Mc Chita, Meta) (winner), Streets Of H-Town-(Cutfface & Blazer Boys), Miss Officer-(Maskiri, Mzimba, Sanii Makhalima), Cant help it-(Trae Yung, Dija, Mr. Noxa, 8L, Snazzy), Ndaita Mari-(Mudiwa, Munetsi, Victor Dee),
  • Best Hip Hop Album:Trae Yung-I will, Synik-Syn City (winner), Mc Chita-Ambassadors Son, P.O.Y-Babylon, Prometheus-No More Hunger
  • Song Of The year:Can’t Help it-(Trae Yung, Dija, Mr. Noxa, 8L, Snazzy), Dandaro-Mc Chita ft Roki, Miss Officer-(Maskiri ft Sanii & Mzimba), Tezvara-X.Q ft Baba Shupi, H-Town-Tatea Da Mc ft Crimson Blue (winner), I just want it all - Amvis
  • Best New Comer:Mac (byo), Yung Nash, Tricky J, Yoz, Synik (winner)
  • Best Dance Crew:Antivirus (Byo) (winner), Break Equation (byo), Nemesis (Hre), Flip Floppers (Hre), High Definition (Hre)
  • Best Promoter:Naboth (Flow sessions & Grapevine),Dizzy Don (Hip-hop Shop ), Outspoken ( Magamba) (winner), Elton Bryce (Bryce Nation)
  • Best Gospel:Ill Ceey, Mudiwa (winner), Nowizz, Christhood, Prophecy
  • People’s Choice:Digzz, Junior Brown, Stunner (winner), Tenh Diamond, Mc Cut
  • Lifetime Achievement Award:Mizchif, Metaphysics (winner)
  • Best High School Act:Playboi’s, S.W.A.T, S.O.D, Swagg Bakers, Team Crime, C – Block, Sonic Sisters.[4]

2013 Nominees and Winners

  1. Best positive social contribution : Jibilika ( only nominee)
  2. Best solo dancer : Adrean Zinasi (winner), Anton Banana, Gorge Shingi, dexter Sibanda, Yeukai Zinyoro.
  3. Best corporate brand supporting hip hop: Arizona Spur (only nominee)
  4. Best album art : Road to Fame (winner), Feeling aint fair, The Maps, Victrae, Black.
  5. Best high school: Overdose (winner), Digs, Swag Boys,teri Jok, Boneman, T Ddiz,Trex.
  6. Best dance crew: Hood Crankers (winner), Antivirus, Explosion, Magnet Foorce, Royal Bboy.
  7. Best promoter : Magamba (winner), P.O.Y, Da grapevine,, Jibilika, Kritic Igwe.
  8. Best diaspora: Kapital K (winner), Rhymes Assasin, Kalprit, Fore Mapondera,Rhymes beats.
  9. Best radio DJ: Davies Mugadza (only nominee)
  10. Best producer: Take Fizzo (winner), Young Nash, Tagz, Yagi,P2daoah.
  11. Best club DJ: P Styles (winner), Ray Dizz, Selekta Base, JOe Menbtra, Mark Vusani.
  12. Best collaboration: Zvidhori remix, Happy, Kalife, Chibhodhoro, My own Dow. Zvidhori emerged the winner
  13. Best album: The Feeling Ain’t Fair (winner),The Maps, Victrae, Black,Road to Fame.
  14. Best video: Mudiwa 10/10(winner), Maskiri Namwari, Chibhodhoro Stunner,tehn Diamond, Jr Brown.
  15. Best newcomer: Marcques (winner), Alvina, Bris Mbada,
  16. Lifetime achievement award: Chiwoniso Maraire
  17. Best group: Few Kings (winner), MMT, Klap, Kasilunatics, Monkeynuts
  18. Best Female: Trae Yung (winner), Dj Naida, Alvina
  19. Best male: Tehn Diamond, Stunner, Jr Brown, Tehn Diamond
  20. Best gospel: Mudiwa (winner), ill ceey, Prophecy, Christhood, Nowiz
  21. Best freestyle: Alka Nemo (decided by cyphers)
  22. MVP : Jnr Brown (winner)
  23. People’s Choice: Mudiwa(winner), Maskiri, Stunner, Tehn Diamond, Jr Brown.
  24. Song of the Year: Madrinks (winner), Happy, Chibhodhoro, zunguza, Zvidhori.[5]