Zimbabwe Open University

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Zimbabwe Open Univerisity

The Zimbabwe Open University (ZOU) is one of the local state owned tertiary institutions of learning in Zimbabwe. It was awarded a university charter on the 6 March 1999 and it thus became a fully fledged university.

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Location / Contact

(November 2021)

  • Bulawayo - ZOU House, Corner Fort Street/ 12th Avenue, Box 3550

Tel: 09-61732/884060
Fax: 09-61732
Email: bulawayoregion@zou.ac.zw

  • Harare-Chitungwiza Regional Campus, Corner Julius Nyerere Way and Nelson Mandela Street, PO Box 8306.

Switchboard lines (General Inquiries): +263 242 250157/8/9, 702762, 761650, 734402
Fax +263 242 702703
Direct Lines:
Senior Administrator:+263 242 790376
Regional Director: +263 242 702703
Email: harareregion@zou.ac.zw
NB: Students and visitors to Harare- Chitungwiza Regional Campus should use the Nelson Mandela Street entrance.

  • Mashonaland Central Regional Campus - No.209 Hay Road, Bindura (western side of the city centre) P Bag 984

Tel: 0271-7107/7167
Fax: 0271-6653
Email: mashcentralregion@zou.ac.zw

  • Mashonaland East Regional Campus - 21- 5th Street, Box 758, Marondera

Tel 0279 - 22267/21561
Fax: 0279-21570
Email: masheastregion@zou.ac.zw

  • Mashonaland West Regional Campus - Chinhoyi Public Service Training Centre, Box 1070' Chinhoyi

Tel: 067-24050/26106/29345/7
Fax: 067-27520
Email: mashwestregion@zou.ac.zw

  • Masvingo Regional Campus - 68 Hellet Street, Box 1210, Masvingo

Tel: 039 -264965
Fax: 039-264993
Email: masvingoregion@zou.ac.zw

  • Matabeleland North Regional Campus - ZOU Matabeleland North Regional Campus, Stand No. 15\16 Hospital Road, Hwange

Tel: +263 281-22002, 21809
email: matnorthregion@zou.ac.zw

  • Matabeleland South Regional Campus - New Government Complex, 3rd Avenue,

Box 346, Gwanda
Tel: 0284-22965/6
Fax: 0284-22967
Email: matsouthregion@zou.ac.zw

  • Midlands Regional Campus - No. 16 Victory Road, Gweru East, Box 1810, Gweru

Tel: +263 54 226002/3, 22052, 220517
Fax: +263 54 - 226004
email : midlandsregion@zou.ac.zw

Web: https://zou.ac.zw/

To have information added or updated contact hello@pindula.com

A Brief History

The birth of ZOU can be traced from developments which took place at the University of Zimbabwe. The Centre for Distance Education was established by the University of Zimbabwe in 1993. In 1996, this centre was converted to the University College of Distance Education and it was now administered independently. On 6 March 1999, the college received its university charter, transforming it into a fully-fledged university known as the Zimbabwe Open University.[1]

A Regional Approach

The Zimbabwe Open University operates on a regional scale. It has established centres in all the ten provinces of the country.[2] Each regional centre served as the hub for all the learning activities for students in that province: from registration to face-to-face tutoring and counselling, and from assignment administration to a venue for invigilated examinations. These centres dealt with the need for students to travel to the university’s headquarters in Harare, thus substantially cutting travelling costs.[2] ZOU has regional centres in Chinhoyi, Bindura, Marondera, Masvingo, Lupane, Mutare, Bulawayo, Gweru and Gwanda.[3]

Academic Approach

ZOU offers educational services through open and distance learning approach. It offers degrees, diplomas, certificates and short courses in the respective faculties. As at 2014, ZOU graduated more than 21 000 students who have been employed in all sectors of the economy.[4]

Registration and Applications

The university invites applications from prospective candidates at the start of each semester. The advertisement for applications are first flighted on the 30 August every year and on 7 March of every year.[3] The deadline for the submission of applications completed for August is September while those for the March applications is the 7th of April and 14 April for late submissions respectively. The institution offers tuition for Certificate/Diploma (undergraduate and postgraduate), Undergraduate Degree, Masters by Coursework, Masters by Thesis, MPhil/DPhil. The fee structure is different for Zimbabwean students, those from the SADC region, and international students.


  1. Faculty of Arts and Education
  2. Faculty of Applied Social Science
  3. Faculty of Commerce and Law
  4. Faculty of Science and technology[3]
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