Zimbabwe School of Mines

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Zimbabwe School of Mines
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TypeGovernment Organisation
Parent organization
Ministry of Mines and Mining Development

The Zimbabwe School of Mines is a mining school in Zimbabwe that provides a higher education qualification in mining providing competency-based training for high calibre, hands-on technicians. The school is located in Killarney, Bulawayo and was opened in the 1926. Zimbabwe School of Mines mainly offers qualification in National Diploma and Higher National Diploma in the following areas of Mining, Mine Geology, Mine Ventilation & Environmental Engineering, Mine Survey, Mineral Processing & Extractive Metallurgy and Metallurgical Assaying. The curriculum constantly is revised and updated with help from partner mining companies in Zimbabwe and Southern Africa.


The Zimbabwe School of Mines was formed by a Presidential Charter in 1994 but had been in existence since 1926 operating from Gifford High School premises. The headmaster of Gifford High School Mr. P.H. Gifford with other like minded gentlemen incepted the Bulawayo Technical School in 1927 with a total of 39 students. The School of Mines was then moved from Gifford High School to be under the Bulawayo Technical School in 1934. The establishment of a Mining Department at the Bulawayo Technical School was a result of the deliberations of a Special Committee appointed by the then Minister of Mines. A committee was the mandated ‘to consider the best means of affording technical education and practical training for youths who wished to enter the Mining Industry.’ The scheme also received approval from the then Rhodesia Chamber of Mines, which at that time was headquartered in Bulawayo. The Chamber of Mines ‘considered the move as a necessary provision of technical training for youths for one of the most important industries in the country’. Mr. Roland Starkey, who was the Mining Representative of the school in 1934 prepared a roadmap for starting of “the School of Mines” which later became the fully-fledged Mining Department in 1936.

Quote from the Editorial of the Technical School Magazine of November 1934 about the Mining school: “The intention is to provide a measure of theoretical and practical training for boys and youths who intend to take mining as a career, or who are already engaged in the industry, in order that they shall better equip themselves for their life’s work. The beginning will be on modest scale, but the full scheme is flexible, and has been so thought out that it will be possible later to build on the foundations thus provide a recognised School of Mines.” Over the years the Bulawayo Technical School experienced growth and became a Technical College in 1952, then a Polytechnic in 1988.

In 1994 The Zimbabwe School of Mines moved to the current premises in Killarney after obtaining its own Presidential Charter to run as a separate entity.


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