Breaking: Pastor Evan arrested on arrival at Harare Airport, charged with subverting a constitutional government-again

6 years ago
Wed, 01 Feb 2017 15:52:14 GMT
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Breaking: Pastor Evan arrested on arrival at Harare Airport, charged with subverting a constitutional government-again


  • Mawarire has been taken to the Law and Order Section of Harare Central Police Station although he is yet to be charged.  Mawarire was transported in the back of an open truck.
  • His Lawyer Harrison Nkomo was following in his own vehicle
  • Pastor Evan is reportedly being charged under section 22 of the Criminal Code for subverting a Constitutional government, although this is yet to  be confirmed
  • The European Union (EU) has expressed its concern at the arrest of  Pastor Evan.  They just released the following tweet


  • Mawarire is being charged with the same charge that was dismissed by the Magistrates Court when he was arrested in July last year.

Pastor Evan Mawarire is also facing a fresh count of subversion for organising New York demonstrations and he is being charged for demonstrations that took place after he left.

You can read his warned and cautioned statement here:  Pastor Evan’s Warned and Cautioned Statement 



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The man who started the #ThisFlag Movement Pastor Evan Mawarire was  detained at Harare Airport after he made a surprise home visit.  Mawarire had flown in from Johannesburg aboard a British Airways Flight when he was arrested by security officials while he was in the immigration line.  He was hauled to a room that was full of security personnel where he was detained for almost an hour.  Mawarire fled Zimbabwe last year and went into exile in the United States of America after receiving threats on his life for organisation anti-corruption efforts.  He was even arrested in July and charged with attempting to overthrow the government.

Before leaving the United States, Mawarire had said

Zimbabwe is home for me and my family. That’s the place where we have a right to be

He also confided in Simon Allison a South African journalist who writes for the Daily Maverick that he was worried, and nervous about the reception that awaited him.  The situation affected him so much that he was not sleeping well.  According to the interview that he did with Allison, Mawarire said that he was considering running for office.

Human rights lawyer and the man who defended Mawarire when he was charged with subversion last year, Harrison Nkomo confirmed earlier on that his client was being held at the Harare International airport.

South African Journalist Simon Allison, who has been sending regular updates on twitter said:

I watched Mawarire get hauled out of the immigration line and into an adjacent room. Room is filled with security personnel.

…Nearly an hour since Pastor Evan Mawarire was detained at Harare Airport. The room where he’s being questioned is packed with people.

…Mawarire has just been removed from the questioning room. He’s being taken somewhere, no one knows where. Suggestions of Central police stn.






We will update as the situation unfolds



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