MDC Alliance considering name change

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MDC Alliance considering name change

MDC Alliance spokesperson Welshman Ncube said there are some party leaders within the coalition who are not comfortable using the name MDC. He said that the coalition will consider the suggestion to come up with a new name.

Ncube said that the reason they chose the name MDC was to ride on an already known brand. Said Ncube:

For your own information, we have in fact received a paper within the coalition structures that this issue be debated. It will be debated and a decision will be made either to stick with the name or for something else. Definitely, we have not closed the debate. These are the issues for consideration. Whether you are in politics or any other forms of marketing you have to develop a brand. You need name recognition. There is no doubt that over the last decade and a half or more, the MDC as a brand, has at the very least in spite of other issues we might have, name recognition. If someone can establish to our satisfaction that we can adopt another brand which we can grow quick enough, to fight the elections basically in less than six months, so be it. That’s the debate we need to have and those who think that another name would be better, need to persuade us on that name.

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