ZANU PF Made A Mistake By Killing Tsvangirai - Chamisa

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ZANU PF Made A Mistake By Killing Tsvangirai - Chamisa

Opposition MDC president Nelson Chamisa said ZANU PF made a mistake by killing veteran trade unionist and founding party president Morgan Tsvangirai.

Chamisa said his party will not split after the Congress slated for May, as has been suggested by his co-vice president Elias Mudzuri.

Speaking to the media soon after the Standing Committee meeting held at the Morgan Richard Tsvangirai house on Thursday, Chamisa said:

We have said this Congress is about positions which are going to be availed. In terms of the actual positions to be contested, through an election and some to be appointed, is something to be determined by the national council at our last meeting before the Congress and that will guide the course.

In terms of our constitution, we are supposed to have the praesidium being open to contestation, the chairperson’s position as well. There is still debate on the secretary-general’s position being open but that is a product of our internal democratic processes. We will be very clear on which positions to be contested at the appropriate time.

The congress is important because we will have a full team of effective leadership to take over the government in a democratic and constitutional manner. It also gives us a chance to have a solid team of people of substance.

Those there, are faces of substance, but they have to be renewed and this is why I said I will be the first one to congratulate and celebrate the one who is going to emerge out of this glorious act.

I know they may not have shown their interests because in our party it is not allowed by the constitution to show interest — you are deployed as a cadre.

People choose you to belong to a particular position, you do not just say you want. You have to be wanted by the people. It is a process which is rigorous and very democratic where people are nominated by the lower structures to say who they want.

… Chamisa is not the firstborn of this party and he’s also not the last born. There was Morgan Tsvangirai who groomed me, but he also did the same with a lot of you at the party and we know that this movement will be in safe and capable hands.

We have proved to Zanu PF that by killing Tsvangirai, they made a mistake. The party is going to new levels and we will not collapse.

The party is energising and recalibrating. We do not want to see tyranny and violence in our structures. Those are qualities we see next door.

We cannot be a carbon copy of Zanu PF where factionalism is a national religion and corruption is the DNA.

Tsvangirai died on February 14 last year in a South African hospital after a long battle with cancer.


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