Chamisa Invites Mnangagwa For 'Real' Talks

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Chamisa Invites Mnangagwa For 'Real' Talks

MDC president Nelson Chamisa says he is ready for real with President Mnangagwa to save the country from a deteriorating economic situation. Said Chamisa:

We are saying there should be dialogue in this country. Threats will not work. Soldiers and police (must) follow the Constitution and respect people. No dictator can ever remain in power. That is why I am asking this man to come forward for these talks.

There shall come a time when we will not tolerate his behaviour. How will I do that? I can easily pray until nothing moves on for him.

In this country, everything is malfunctioning and he cannot even apologise for failure. A country with no fuel, transport, bad roads and no water, but one cannot even humble himself.

I am not as tough as he (Mnangagwa) says; I have always done what people advocated for. He wants me to go back to Parliament. I have been in Parliament since 2003, what for? I was given a mandate by people, but Mnangagwa wants me to be a casual worker again.

That’s why we are saying this country needs dialogue. They are refusing to have this dialogue. I have been patient with him for too long and I am considerate.

I can easily mobilise a committee and call for an emergency dialogue, the Constitution allows for that.

Chamisa made the call while addressing stakeholders during commemorations of the International Women’s Day in Chitungwiza on Friday.


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