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FULL TEXT: Chitungwiza Mayor's Arrest Linked To The Suspension Of Town Clerk - MDC

4 years ago
Fri, 06 Sep 2019 02:28:23 GMT
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FULL TEXT: Chitungwiza Mayor's Arrest Linked To The Suspension Of Town Clerk - MDC

MDC appalled by the baseless arrest of Chitungwiza Mayor and Councillor

The MDC is appalled and disgusted by the baseless arrest of Chitungwiza Mayor Lovemore Maiko and Councillor Kudakwashe John on frivolous allegations that they burned a ZBC truck in 2016.

This is symptomatic of a clueless regime whose answer to its failures is to persecute members of the MDC and ordinary citizens on unfounded and baseless allegations which in the fullness of time will not stand the test and like other spurious charges levelled against MDC leaders will fall by the wayside.

What makes this arrest ludicrous and nonsensical is that it is alleged to have taken place more than three years ago and the Mayor and Councillor have always been around and the police did not see it fit to question them about the incident only do so after the Mayor and Council suspended the Town Clerk George Makunde, a known ZanuPF functionary. One does not need a degree in nuclear physics to figure out that the two events are connected.

It is unfortunate that professionalism has been thrown out of the window by our compromised and partisan police who have allowed themselves to be instruments of repression by acting at the behest of a regime hell-bent at maintaining its grip on power by foul means.

The wanton arrests of people who have not committed any crime are increasing by the day and recently we had our Chairperson Honourable Tabitha Khumalo et al arrested in Bulawayo and our Provincial Administrator Chigaba arrested in Masvingo on unconstitutional charges of peddling falsehoods.

We call upon the regime to stop persecuting innocent people and instead address the real issue which is the political question and engage us in genuine and sincere dialogue to restore legitimacy. It is only then that we can extricate our country from the crisis into which we have been plunged.

This relentless harassment and persecution will not lead us anywhere. It is regrettable that the Regime has chosen to embark on the same disastrous path like Robert Mugabe and try to hoodwink the world that it’s a new dispensation. This deception will not work.

MDC@20: Celebrating Courage, Growth and the People’s Victories.

Innocent Gonese (MP)
MDC Secretary for Justice and Legal Affairs



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