FULL TEXT: ZRP Respond To "Dr Magombeyi Now Wheelchair-Bound" Reports

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FULL TEXT: ZRP Respond To "Dr Magombeyi Now Wheelchair-Bound" Reports

Zimbabwe Republic Police have refuted claims that the acting president of the Zimbabwe Hospital Doctors Association, Peter Magombeyi was “electrocuted”, “wheelchair-bound” and “unable to walk”. 

Without preempting Magombeyi’s medical report, the police said that Magombeyi could actually walk. The police statement released on Wednesday read:

The ZRP is aware of social media reports referring to the results of the medical examination carried out on Dr Magombeyi, some of them stating that he is wheelchair bound and others stating that he is unable to walk as a result of severe torture to sensitive parts of his anatomy.

The ZRP would like to ensure the public that whilst the results of his examination cannot be published on the grounds of the observance of the doctor/patient confidentiality and the fact that investigations are still in progress, these reports are mischievous, false and baseless. Consequently, they should be disregarded.

The ZRP is still carrying out investigations into this matter and members of the public with information that they consider relevant to this investigation are invited to approach the police with their evidence.

In the meantime, Dr Magombeyi has unfettered access to his family, friends, and a plethora of lawyers and he enjoys the full protection of the Zimbabwe Republic Police.

Magombeyi told reporters on the day he was found that he was electrocuted by his kidnappers.

The real state in which Magombeyi remains unclear after the state on Tuesday applied for his continued detention at Avenues Hospital claiming that he was “unfit to travel”.

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